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Clare is the series' protagonist. When she was a child, both of her parents were eaten by a yoma disguised as her brother. Just as Clare was about to be raped by the yoma, a Claymore swooped from behind and beheaded it. With no family left and none willing to take her in, Clare was left to wander alone.
Shortly afterward, a yoma found her and made her its toy, often torturing her. The yoma is later killed by Teresa during one of the latter's missions. Able to sense and empathizing with Teresa's own personal pain, Clare followed her for days without food, water, and rest. Teresa, who initially tried to get rid of Clare, eventually let her travel with her, with Teresa slowly becoming more and more fond of her. The presence of a caring human in Teresa's life helps her regain her lost happiness and humanity. Their peaceful life is cut short when Teresa decides to leave Clare at the hands of a kind family living in one of the towns surrounding the Organization's headquarters. Teresa had killed a yoma in that town prior to her decision to leave Clare there. This action would turn out to be the town's doom, as later that night, a group of bandits proceeded to the town and massacred almost all of the civilians. Teresa, realizing that the yoma she killed was the only one standing between the bandits and the civilians, quickly runs back to the town. Upon arrival, she sees Clare as the only survivor. Teresa kills the bandit who was about to rape Clare, and proceeded to massacre every last bandit. As a result, the Organization sends four of their best Claymores to execute Teresa, who is eventually killed by the awakened Priscilla.
Clare vows to take Priscilla's head in revenge, and searches for a member of the organization. Once she discovers one, she demands that the organization fuse her with Teresa's flesh and blood. Clare becomes the only person to volunteer to join the Claymores and the first hybrid with 1/4 Yoma blood instead of the normal 1/2. Because of this low demonic ratio, she has little power and is given rank #47 — the lowest. However, Clare shares Teresa's ability of heightened Yoki sensing to the point of being able to predict an opponent's moves. It is unknown whether this is a genetic inheritance or Clare choosing to follow in her mentor's footsteps. At one point, Miria ponders whether this is a deliberately chosen tactic in order to fight Awakened Beings.

Clare partially awakens during her fight in the holy city of Rabona, but is able to revert to her human state with Raki's help. She loses her right arm during an incident involving Ophelia, but later receives a new one from Irena, along with the "Quick Sword" technique. However her "Quick Sword" only has half the speed and power of Irena's. She once again comes close to Awakening during her battle against Dauf, but Galatea manipulates her yoki flow and brings her back. She then uses the same method to save Jean from losing her mind to awakening.
In the Northern campaign, Clare joins Flora's party. Having grown significantly stronger, she fights on the same level as her captain. During the fight against Rigaldo, Clare is able to deliberately awaken parts of her body, while remaining mentally human. However, she finds herself unable to turn back after the fight. Jean, believing she owes Clare her life for saving her despite Clare's adamant refusal, sacrifices herself to save Clare from awakening. Clare is the only member of her team to survive the Northern Campaign.
During the next seven years, Clare and six other surviving Claymores, would remain in seclusion causing the Organization to believe they had all perished. During this time, Clare would learn and master Flora's "Windcutter" technique.
Despite the danger of being discovered and hunted by the Organization, Clare has returned to the southern lands to find Priscilla as well as continue her search for Raki. She has currently returned to Rabona and defeated the Awakened Being, Agatha. with help from her comrades. The Organization's current Number Four, Miata, upon witnessing their battle, indicated that Clare and her companions all have great power but two of them, probably Miria and Clare, surpassing the others by far. Later, during a conversation with Sid and Galk, Clare learns that Raki is still alive and has been searching for her. Relieved that Raki survived, Clare is troubled when it is revealed that he is traveling with a small girl. To facilitate their movements, Miria has assigned Cynthia and Yuma to accompany Clare on her search for Raki. Clare, Cynthia and Yuma travel in the Western lands in search of Clare's former companion, but they fail to find any clues. In one of the cities they encounter three warriors of the Organization with their handlers that appear to be searching for another Claymore, oblivious to an Awakened Being within that very city. While Yuma throws the Organization's agents and Claymores unconscious, Cynthia and Clare finish off the Awakened Being, only to be confronted by Rubel, who reveals his identity as a spy for the Organization's enemies and offers information to Clare.
Acting on Rubel's hints, Clare, Cynthia and Yuma continue their journey but are beset by Dauf, who captures Yuma. Clare, after failing to harm Dauf even with her improved Windcutter, is forced to cut off Yuma's leg in order to escape. Subsequently, Clare follows Dauf back to Riful's hideout, narrowly escaping Riful's attacks only to be drawn into Rafaela's and Luciela's merged consciousness. Within Rafaela's mind, Clare briefly relives the events of seven years ago. Rafaela informs her that she is making a big mistake, but without revealing what it is, challenges her to a fight. Clare cannot win, and is brutally outmatched until she finally releases her Yoki and uses the Quicksword, which "kills" Rafaela, resulting in the merged creature's Awakening. No rest awaits Clare, though, as soon enough the giant statue begins attacking with living parasitic spear-like projectiles - though Clare, Deneve and Helen who arrive shortly thereafter evade the barrage, as the spears begin transforming into cat-like creatures akin to Awakened Beings, the three find themselves in a tough spot, although they manage to defeat them all. As they rest, Clare senses the yoki of Priscilla, who has just killed Alicia, Beth, Dauf, and Riful, nearby. As the second barrage of parasitic spears deploys, Priscilla appears to the three warriors, her target being Clare herself. Clare recognizes Priscilla and attempts to Awaken to kill her, possibly in reference to the anime. However, according to Helen and Deneve, Jean's pre-timeskip sacrifice left Clare so psychologically scarred she can no longer Awaken. After being torn in half by the Destroyer, she allows herself to be assimilated into it and manipulates it into attacking Priscilla. According to Helen, once Clare got absorbed within the Destroyer, the land of Lautrec vanished in an instant, leaving only a motionless but grotesque mass that was carried by both Helen and Deneve nearby to Rabona. Galatea probes the Destroyer's remains after Helen comments the thing is still giving off faint yoki signs in hopes that Clare may still be alive inside. Once the diagnosis is done, Galatea concludes that Clare intentionally used the Destroyer for both of them to trap and seal Priscilla inside, therefore, any attempts to rescue Clare will result in Priscilla's release as well. Furthermore, Clare realizing that she has lost her sense of self after both she and Priscilla were merged and got trapped inside the Destroyer will not respond no matter who calls out to her.
In the anime, Clare battles Priscilla immediately after killing Rigaldo. After a lengthy battle, Clare surprises Priscilla by increasing her speed and power on her flash swords with all blades she could possibly unleash until Priscilla couldn't keep up. She was prevented from killing Priscilla when Raki stopped her. Clare couldn't control herself and attacked Raki but Jean, the 9th rank during that time, sacrificed her life she once owed to Clare. Although Jean dies from fatal wounds, Jean in the end helped restore Clare to her regular form and Priscilla was left alive.

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