Shimada Minami
Shimada Minami
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島田 美波




Harada Hitomi - Mizuhashi Kaori - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! - Himeji Mizuki - Shimada Minami - Single (Lantis)

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Minami Shimada is one of the two female students in class F. She is Japanese but spent most of her life in Germany before coming to Fumizuki Academy, and as a result she is especially weak in kanji. Because of this handicap, the only exam in which she can do well is math (which still isn't as good as A class's due to the presence of word problems). She will also revert to speaking German when in shock. Minami is the tsundere of the series. Physically, she is slim and has long legs but somewhat lacking in the 'chest department', often being envious of Mizuki's bust. She too is in love with Akihisa, but due to her inability to express herself and her tsundere nature, she acts violently towards him, often leading him to misunderstand her intentions. During the class battles in volume 1, while executing a delay tactic, Akihisa indirectly defamed Minami and landed herself the list of "Top Ten Women Not To Date" among the guys in Fumizuki.
In the novel and manga, during a battle in which Akihisa's survival depended on Minami, he was blackmailed to address Minami by her given name, and from then onwards, she started calling him Aki (アキ?) instead of Yoshii (吉井?) and he would refer to her by her given name as well. In the anime, this took place when she threatened to break his bones. It is a running gag in the light novel series that whenever Minami expresses genuine concern for Akihisa through her actions or words, Akihisa always draws the conclusion that he is going to be killed or sabotaged by her in some obscure way. She is on good terms with Mizuki, the only other girl in class F, and calls her by her given name. She is good at cooking, due to the fact that her parents are not at home most of the time. Like Himeji in the anime, it is also suggested she acts like his girlfriend and will try to burn any pornographic magazines that Akihisa has. In episode 7 of season 2 Akihisa accidentally sends her what appears to be a confession of love through texting, this later causes her to ambush him in his sleep, and she ambushes him with a kiss at the end of the credits. Her Shōkanjū is clad in a blue naval military uniform and wields a saber. During the ESB field error, her Shōkanjū looks like an adult version of her but wears the costume similar to Lillith's.

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