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Anna Yurievna Cocolova
Anna Yurievna Cocolova
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Mahou Sensei Negima - Anna Yurievna Cocolova - Figumate - Figumate Negima!? Gakuen Hen Vol.2 (Konami)



Horie Yui - Kanda Akemi - Nonaka Ai - Saitou Chiwa - Negima!? - Anna Yurievna Cocolova - Kagurazaka Asuna - Konoe Konoka - Sasaki Makie - Album - Uta no CD 2 (King Records)

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Anastasia "Anya" Yurievna Cocolova is a childhood friend of Negi and a former schoolmate. Upon graduating, she is sent to work as a fortuneteller in London. She has a magically affinity to fire spells. She eventually goes to Japan to make Negi return to England, though she is shocked to learn that he has already made seven different contracts and has far surpassed her in magic. She later goes to the Magic World with the group, though she is captured by Fate after they are separated. She appears to have feelings for Negi.
Negima!? features her stealing a dangerous artifact known as the "Star Crystal", which quickly consumes her due to her jealousy of Negi. She is eventually saved by Negi and his class, but as punishment, she joins Negi's class as student number 32 in Negima!? Neo.

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