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Perrine H ClostermannPerrine H Clostermann

Perrine H Clostermann
Perrine H Clostermann
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Strike Witches - Miyafuji Yoshika - Perrine H Clostermann - Lynette Bishop - Hime Uta Collection 4 (Columbia)Sawashiro Miyuki - Nazuka Kaori - Yahagi Sayuri - Gekijouban Strike Witches - Perrine H Clostermann - Lynette Bishop - Amelie Planchard - Album - Character CD - 5 - Hime Uta Collection 5 (Columbia)Strike Witches - Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow - Strike Witches 2 - Gekijouban Strike Witches - Perrine H Clostermann - Francesca Lucchini - Hattori Shizuka - Miyafuji Yoshika - Lynette Bishop - Sakamoto Mio - Erica Hartmann - Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke - Gertrud Barkhorn - Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen - Sanya V Litvyak - Charlotte E Yeager - Strike Witches Shudaika & Gekichuuka Collection (Columbia)

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A wealthy and proper fifteen year old Gallian girl who looks down on some of the less-refined habits of her peers. The emotional scars left by the Neuroi's destruction of her homeland cause her numerous problems. She often refuses to work as a team, and develops something of a dislike for the upstart newcomer Yoshika due to her attachment to Mio. When wearing her Striker Unit, she gains the dark ears and tail of a Chartreux. Perrine holds the rank of Flying Officer and her original unit was the Armée de l'Air 802nd Flying Corps. Carries a rapier into battle along with a Bren light machine-gun. Her Striker Unit is based on the Arsenal VG 39 and she is named after Pierre Clostermann.
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