Kaiba Mokuba
Kaiba Mokuba
Оригинальное название
海馬 モクバ


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Kaiba Mokuba - One Coin Grande Figure Collection - One Coin Grande Figure Collection Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Vol. 1 ~Duel Start!~ (Kotobukiya)



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Mokuba Kaiba (海馬 モクバ Kaiba Mokuba) is Seto Kaiba’s younger brother and the adopted son of Gozaburo Kaiba. Mokuba is the only person who the seemingly cold-hearted Seto will he openly expresses affection towards, and in return Mokuba is fiercely loyal to him. Despite the hardships Mokuba is put through on account of his brother and the Kaiba Corporation, he retains a tremendous amount of faith in the bond they share, which is something that gets them both through hard times and helps Seto overcome the traumas of the life they shared with Gozaburo.

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