Fujiwara Hazuki
Fujiwara Hazuki
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Reanne Griffith




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Hazuki Fujiwara(藤原はづき, Fujiwara Hazuki) is one of the main characters in Ojamajo Doremi. She has been Doremi Harukaze's friend since childhood and became an apprentice witch after Doremi, along with Aiko Senoo in order to help keep the secret.

Hazuki was known as being overly delicate and shy, and she kept to herself, unable to raise her voice or say anything to upset others. She is sheltered and innocent-minded, and due to frequent attention from her parents she lacked the proper confidence to stand up for herself and be honest with her feelings. For the longest of the time, she desired to change herself, ignoring all of her good qualities until the others showed her through support that she could.
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