Mishou Kazuya
Mishou Kazuya
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Kazuya Mishou




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Mishou Kazuya (美翔和也 Mishō Kazuya?) is the older brother of Mai and a somewhat-minor character in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. Much like their parents, Kazuya wishes to get a job dealing with science and the like. It's been said he is determined to become an astronaut when he becomes older.

Mai will often come to Kazuya for advice or opinions when she needs help. Usually when it involves having to make the right decision or to do whats best for her. Such as when she was asking everybody what they thought Spring meant to them. However, that was one of the times his advice did nothing for her, as he went on to say that the Frogs make him think of it. Every night, Kazuya can be seen setting up the observatory's microscope and study the stars.

Saki has a crush on him but he seems unaware of this. He was also once thought to be dating a girl at some point in the series. It was later revealed that it was just an misunderstanding
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