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Alleyne is a 1000 year-old elf and the most seasoned veteran warrior of a tribe of forest elves. She is taciturn and blunt in her dealings with others (her most notable trait is when she gives points to her opponents based on their performance), and had a long relationship with Echidna, whom she often chastises for her loose ways but is mocked in return for her inexperience with men, being called "The Thousand Year-Old Virgin". The appearance of the half-elf Nowa in the forest elf community marked a turning point for Alleyne, who appointed her as "Guardian of the Forest". The Elf Council did not approve, however, and banished her from the village with the excuse that she must join the Queen's Blade tournament. Unwilling to abandon Nowa, Alleyne secretly sets out for the tournament as well. Following the tournament, she and Nowa went their separate ways.

In Queen's Blade Rebellion, it is revealed that Alleyne is the last elf in existence following a genocide in her forest by the Swamp Witch's forces, and that the Swamp Witch placed a curse on Alleyne that forbids her from leaving the forest. During that time, she met Annelotte, who was trying to escape from Queen Claudette's Assassins. After tending to her wounds, she, after some persuasion from Annelotte, takes her in as her second disciple. She was the first to witness Annelotte's demon powers when a lightning storm struck the forest.

Alleyne is illustrated by MatsuRyu
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