Lum Invader
Lum Invader
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Urusei Yatsura - Lum Invader - Single - Vinyl - Fushigi Kirei (Pony Canyon)Kimagure Orange Road - Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami - Urusei Yatsura - Ayukawa Madoka - Creamy Mami - Lum Invader - Mook - Pierrot Daikaibo (San-ei Shobo Publishing)

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Lum is a girl who's irrevocably in love with that lecherous and luckless lout Ataru Moroboshi. One could argue that no one normal could love such a man but then again, Lum is not your ordinary teenage girl.

Lum is the alien daughter of an powerful space warlord, and more specifically she's an Oni. In ancient Japanese mythology, oni were evil ogre-like demons often depicted with horns and wearing tiger-striped loin cloths that were born of mankind's negative karma. Lum's race is an alien version of the same demons (Or perhaps she's a product of Ataru's bad karma). Lum can usually be seen wearing her tiger-striped bikini outfit which always turns heads, especially in a conformist Japanese society. She has the power to fly and can produce high-voltage electricity. She uses these alien powers to keep Ataru from flirting. But that is always a vain attempt since he goes ahead and does it anyway.

Lum is a vivacious and uninhibited extraterrestrial. She's full of sex-appeal, glamour and feminine charm. An honest and caring girl who isn't afraid to express her feelings. A firm believer in standing by your man (even if her man hardly ever stands by her). But she has another more frightening side to her. Lum has a very bad temper, and an extremely jealous nature. Her response to these feelings of anger are usually in the form of a massive electrical zapping (or sometimes attacking with huge wooden hammers). Also Lum is very stubborn. When she sets her mind on something, she doesn't let it go. Even though Lum is quick to anger, she never stays like that for long. Most of the time she's very vibrant and carefree.

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