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Kagamine RinKagamine Rin

Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin
Оригинальное название
鏡音 リン
Также известна как
Rin Kagamine
Character Vocal series 02
キャラクター・ボーカル・シリーズ 02
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Kagamine Rin is an official mascot character for Yamaha's singing synthesizer application software VOCALOID2, developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media and released December 12th 2007 under the name "Character Vocal Series 02 Kagamine Rin".

Her design was created by illustrator KEI and her voice provided by the voice actress Asami Shimoda.

Due to quality issues the original voicebank had been discontinued and was replaced by "act2" on July 18th 2008. This included also an updated package illustrations in which KEI fixed some flaws and added new elements such as frills added to the bottom of her shirt.

On December 12th 2010 she recieved additional voice banks dubbed 'Append' with a new package illustration provided by Osamu. An update to VOCALOID3 is scheduled for the future.

She was the second release for Crypton's VOCALOID Character Vocal Series and the first to be sold together in a box with a second voice bank "Kagamine Len"
Источник vocaloid.wikia.com
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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