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Nd Cube
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Mario Party 10 - Amiibo Game - Wii U Game - Amiibo Set (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Mario Party 10 - Amiibo Game - Wii U Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Mario Party: Star Rush - Nintendo 3DS Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Doubutsu no Mori: Amiibo Festival - Amiibo Game - Wii U Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Super Mario Party - Nintendo Switch Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Mario Party: Island Tour - Nintendo 3DS Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Mario Party 9 - Wii Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)Mario Party 100 Minigame Collection - Nintendo 3DS Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)F-Zero for Game Boy Advance - Game Boy Advance Game (Nd Cube, Nintendo)

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Nd Cube Co., Ltd. is a NINTENDO subsidiary and Japanese video game developer based in Japan with offices in Tokyo and Sapporo. Nd Cube is a fully owned Nintendo subsidiary. The company was founded on March 1, 2000, as a joint venture between Nintendo and advertising firm Dentsu, hence the Nd in the name. The subsidiary shares were purchased by 78% in part by Nintendo, 13.3% by Dentsu, 8.7% by yet undecided shareholders. But in 2010, Nintendo decided to buy out 98% of the shares, with ad partner Dentsu stepping aside.
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