Koharuno Silk
Koharuno Silk
Оригинальное название
小春野 白絹


UG☆Ultimate Girls - Koharuno Silk - 1/6 - Ltd. Excl.  Wonder Festival Edt. (Daiki Kougyou)UG☆Ultimate Girls - Koharuno Silk - 1/144 (Maruya Koubou)UG☆Ultimate Girls - Koharuno Silk (Mine)



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The main heroine of the trio. Although very shy and reserved about her new duty, she is the first of the three to demonstrate their new powers as UFO-man's successor, growing into a giant heroine. Only minutes after the transformation, she discovers her unusual battle suit is deteriorating little by little, until she is totally nude. After she goes back to normal size in the first episode, Silk wears a costume of Yui's Element Suit from Corrector Yui which she borrows from Tsubomi. She has a crush on Tsubomi's older brother Makoto, her senior classmate and school photographer. She is referred to by the crowd as Hinnyu (Little Boobs).

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