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Kamen Rider OOOKamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider OOO
Kamen Rider OOO
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Также известна как
Kamen Rider Ozu


Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - 1/12 - TaToBa Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. - GataKiriBa Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. - SaGoZo Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - TaJaDoru Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. #66 - PuToTyra Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. - TaJaDoru Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. - ShaUTa Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. #64 - TaToBa Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. - RaToraTa Combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - TaJaDoru Combo Effect Parts Set (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Ankh - Project BM! 57 - 1/6 (Medicom Toy)Kamen Rider OOO - S.I.C. - TaJaDoru Combo Lost Ankh ver. (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - PuToTyra combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Ankh - Petit Chara Land - Kamen Rider OOO Petit Chara Land - Putotira Combo Appeared! (MegaHouse)Kamen Rider OOO - Ankh - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Deformeister Petit - TaToBa combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Master Stars Piece - TaToBa combo (Banpresto)Kamen Rider OOO - Ankh - Hino Eiji - Project BM! 53 (Medicom Toy)Kamen Rider OOO - Ankh - S.H.Figuarts - Complete (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - DXF Figure - TaJaDoru combo (Banpresto)Kamen Rider OOO - Uva - S.I.C. (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - GataKiriBa combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Real Deform - TaToBa combo (Banpresto)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - Ride Vendor & Medal Set (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Ankh - Deformeister Petit (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Kamen Rider Birth - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - OOO Combo Change Series 06 - TaJaDol combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - SaGoZo combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - S.H.Figuarts - RaToraTa combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - OOO Combo Change Series 08 - PuToTyra combo (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Mezool - S.I.C. (Bandai)Kamen Rider OOO - Mezool - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)



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Kamen Rider OOO (仮面ライダーオーズ/OOO, Kamen Raidā Ōzu) is the twelfth series in the Heisei period run of the Kamen Rider Series, and the twenty-first overall. Eiji Hino is a man who has no dreams, no job, and no family. When animal-like monsters called Greeed awaken after their 800 year slumber to attack humans and feed off of their desire, a bird-type Greeed called Ankh gives Eiji a belt and three Medals to fight the Greeed so he can become the predestined Multi King. This allows Eiji to become Kamen Rider OOO. The mysterious Kougami Foundation approaches him and begins assisting him in his fight against the Greeed, but their true motives are not clear. When Eiji fights for the first time, he starts to realize what it means "to be alive".

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  • Toei
  • Ankh
  • Hino Eiji
    火野 映司
  • Gamel
  • Mezool


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