Tanaka Punie
Tanaka Punie
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Dai Mahou Touge - Paya Livingston Taisa - Tanaka Punie - Treasure Figure Collection - 1/10 (Wave)Dai Mahou Touge - Tanaka Punie - 1/7 (Pururun Tei)



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The protagonist but in flashbacks she's the antagonist of the story, she has come to Japan in order to prove herself worthy of becoming the next Queen of Magical Land. As the princess of Magical Land who is next in line of the throne, she has many enemies whom she defeats with her submission maneuvers and magic powers. Punie may seem young and innocent, but when threatened (and she feels threatened very easily) she quickly becomes violent and aggressive. She maintains the image of a cute and carefree girl on the front, hiding her true nature as a ruthless witch who has no second thoughts killing people, unicorns and vegetables or to make use of her friends to achieve her aim. Her incantation is 'Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All'. Punie is an expert on applying submission holds, believing in this particular branch of infighting technique as the 'true way of the royalty'. She prefaces the name of her submission maneuvers with "Princess" such as the "Princess Head Lock" or "Princess Figure Four Leg Lock". Her name is a pun on Kunie Tanaka, a famous actor (not an actress). It is also revealed in her battle with Elise that she can freely dislocate her shoulders as and when required.

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