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    I personally think its maybe a risk to be known, but I accept it, I understand they are a smaller company, and because a company is smaller they cant offer say, super low bulk prices like koto, so once that is factored in I think it is okay.

    Also while people dislike it, I enjoy the idea of a company trying new methods, for all we know in time their methods will be stronger and possibly revamp the way we make figures!

    Plus they seem to touch a lot of things and series and artists that other companies do not
    9 мин. назад
    Hi, I'm sorry that this scene ruined your enjoyment of a much-loved series D: I can understand a little as I am a huge fan of Madoka Magica and particularly Homura Akemi. Following the third movie and Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерthe direction Homura's character took in that, which while making sense plotwise I found very sad, I felt (to a lesser extent than yourself) the same way about the series. However, after a while I reconciled with feeling that even though the movie did not end in a way I liked, I still enjoyed the main series and Homura enough in that, that it overrides the events of the third movie :)

    I didn't have much merch at the time for the series and still don't so can't help much with that. But I think if you can accept it as an "alternate route" you don't like and focus your attention on the parts of the franchise you do enjoy, you hopefully can feel better in time about it, which is what I did and it worked for me :)
    14 мин. назад
  • tomocchi прокомментировал [Статья №39366] Last Loot of 2018
    stars_n_kisses (5 часов назад) #48447369Yeah, it would be cool for double wielding swords. But since GSC wants stick to the KH1 canon (where Sora doesn't have that ability, yet) we can only hope for that if we get Nendo Roxas or Nendos for KH2.
    I know he doesn't do it until later, but it still would have been nicer instead of getting the same hand twice, lol. He's still a great and fun Nendo though. ^^
    18 мин. назад
    Eh, if it was something done as a new years resolution then its almost guaranteed to be broken since if you actually ment it you would have done it early so don't worry about it. Instead of flat out avoiding them just limit the number for each month. Could also always come up with some punishment if you break even that.

    Or you can just go full throttle until you have 0 room for anything and are forced to stop before you are buried underneath your collection.
    1 час назад
    I know this is not everyone's thing (I'm not big into lolis or Mecha matsume personally)
    But can we please acknowledge the fact that these were top quality figures for FAIR prices.
    I miss those days.
    1 час назад
    aww, this is such a sweet story. :) my mom got me my first figure, the miku append nendoroid, for christmas. i was(/am) pretty young for the hobby, though.
    2 часа назад
    My sister and I have gifted each other figures for multiple occasions. I got the Alphonse Elric nendoroid from her for my birthday back in July, but it has happened for Christmas as well. Two times in a row we gave each other togainu no chi figures :) other than that, my family is very supportive of my hobby and usually pays the customs fees of my parcels so in some kind of twisted way that kind of counts ? x"D
    2 часа назад
    As a fellow massive fate fan I can sorta understand what you're feeling right now, this is to a much lesser extent but FGO uses saber as their main poster girl for the entire game (constantly being featured in ads, is the screen icon most of the time, being show off in the first tutorial fight) but in game shes been generally one of the most useless 5 star servants in the game with only 2 very minor buffs being given to her in the 3.5 ish years the game has been out.

    As a huge fan of saber (seriously my collection needs help its half saber faces) it really pains me to see that my favorite character is so useless in this game I poured weeks and weeks in. But despite that I still collect saber figures/merch due mainly to the fact that fate is a huge series with many routes, side stories, spin offs and games in its universe. The saber I love doesn't have to be the one in fgo, she could the one from zero, or ubw or cooking with emiya.

    If that scene really made you dislike the entire series in general then I think it would totally reasonable for you to sell off and restart your collection as a collection is most importantly something for you to personally enjoy. But if you believe that you love for gilg/cu in the other routes and spin offs surpass the disgust you feel for how the character was treated in heavens feel then I believe you should keep your collection and just try to avoid all the merch that is heavens feel related

    But most importantly this is a hobby to make you happy, if this doesn't make you happy anymore then it isn't worth to keep
    3 часа назад
    Necroid_Neko (4 часа назад) #48451131Sorry, I was just trying to help :(Kaneel (5 часов назад) #48447603I just stumbled over this blog which explains where the sudden inlfux of entries came from.
    Let me start with a link to a club you should join right now if you want to make database entries and are looking for advise
    CLUB #828
    I fixed up a heap of necroid entries and notices some general issues you ran into so i'll point them out in relation to CCS.
    For goods in general, the title field stays empty.
    The only time you want to use it is for things like replicas of sakuras wand
    Yume no Tsue/ 夢の杖 (dream wand)
    Fuuin no Tsue/ 封印の杖 (sealing wand)
    Hoshi no Tsue/ 星の杖 (star wand)
    You need to make sure to add the information you see on shop or manufacturer listings in the proper category.
    The further information and title field should not be used to dump the info there and double post it.
    Let's take ITEM #796863 for example
    Using AmiAmi's listing as a reference www.amiami.com/...
    The english item description is repeated in japanese right under it
    カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 コスチュームシューズシリーズ 缶バッジC
    There you can take japanese writings for version fields and also check if there might be translation mistakes in the english listing.
    Even google translate is helpful for this but if you have zero knowledge in japanese you should first ask for help here thread/984
    The english translation on AA might not be 100% accurate, for example it translates 缶バッジ as tin badge, which was used for the entry, however it is can badge ENTRY #23437
    If you are able to search for goods types copy pasting the japanese description you won't run into that issue so easily.
    When you use sites like AmiAmi or Hobby Search for reference you need to deduct the 8% tax from the listing price, this is the one striked through.
    Or you double check in the bigger info field below the picture, where it is seperately mentioned.
    There is also the jan code displayed which you want to add all the times for regular released items.
    It helps a lot when you search in mfc's database for items but also for shopping search purposes for sites.
    The shop bots can only react to entries with a jan code same as when you click on the jan code and the partner window pop's up.
    This is just some starter info which hopefully helps to check through the entries you guys made and fix them a bit.
    Which brings me to the last point
    if you scroll way down you see the field username, if you use your own you can easily see what items you added to the database.
    Same with any classifications, use entry/ and select "created by" from the dropdown, input your name in the field and voila.
    if you have any more questions please feel free to ask them here :)

    I have a intellectual Disability and all this stuff you said is kind of confusing, sorry...I mostly try my best with the databases, only with CCS Plushie and CCS Keychain mostly, I try with wall scroll a few times but did not get them right, sorry if anything wrong with my database of CCS, I only try my best in what I know since everything is confussing when it come to add things in the database....
    4 часа назад
    Necroid_Neko (4 часа назад) #48451131Sorry, I was just trying to help :(

    I think you doing a good job :) I saw you add some CCS stuff and to me, I think they look fine
    4 часа назад
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