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WindsorSeven (5 лет назад) #1015100So...I finished F/Z... .・゜゜・(╥﹏╥)・゜゜・.
↓ I second AX loot pic.

I cried too!!
View spoilerHide spoilerWaver~~~!! ugh that was so sad when he parted with Rider. my heart was crushed. then at the end when Kiritsugu was desperately trying to find a survivor, even ignoring Kirei. the look on his face made my cry. I even forgot about Gilgamesh sitting naked on the ruble lol even Kariya's death made me cry. crying everywhere, damn it!!

watch Kuroko! It's really great, a little over the top with all those fancy moves, but that's what makes it great and intense :D

here are some pics of my AX loot. all art prints! lol I already framed three and I didn't take photos of the ones I bought my friend either. why must there be so many fantastic artists...?
[ext link ] [ext link ] [ext link ] [ext link ]

edit: did you order Utapri petit nendos yet? I'm so mad they're exclusive! I have to wait until the end of the month to be able to pay them. it doesn't look like much but I spent more than I wanted to at AX ($120: where did all my money go?!) plus I have my July orders to worry about. I don't want to extend my hobby money >_<