8 мин. назад (8 мин. назад)Squall-LeonSquall-Leon
SierraNHaynes (8 часов назад) #24842268OMG!!! SO COOL! CUSTOM WHEN THEY CRY DOLLFIE ~<3

Thanks !!!
If you want you can see other pictures of her in my Flickr's gallerie =)
[ext link ]
8 мин. назадMekunekoMekuneko
Halca (7 часов назад) #24843486Really? I thought the face looks slightly slimmer aka less cheeky. Or is that just the angle?
I also think they look less cheeky, but have to wait for better photos to be sure.
14 мин. назадRedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
azusamukami (8 часов назад) #24843252Um, thats all? what about the guys? I've been reading the manga since day 1. :) So for a few years now, and you?
Hahaha of course I have more favourites lol.
For guys, I have too many, but to narrow it down.... Izuku, Shoto, Bakugo and Tokoyami.
For the girls.... HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Too many. Virtually all of them are waifu material, but definitely above the rest are Toga, Tsuyu and Kendo (for me, since I love how she looks and her personality is amazing, plus I have a thing for side ponytails aha)
19 мин. назадKassyamoKassyamo Princess Cookie
Cancelled my preorder I really don't like her face.
24 мин. назадYukina1987Yukina1987
Selling my copy, write me if you're interested :3
28 мин. назадYukina1987Yukina1987
I'm selling this figure with box new and unopened, send me a pm if you're interested :3
43 мин. назадZestormZestorm
Just got her. Suprise, the tax is 56€ T_T. So overall price for me including shipping is 213€ O_O. That's why I don't like EMS...
43 мин. назадMeepMoopMeepMoop May the Schwartz be wit...
trevman256 (15 часов назад) #24825938Native website has her back up for preorder again

Down again :/. I checked a couple hours after you posted.
44 мин. назадsuperyfsuperyf
Selling her and Akagi as a set for $50 (excluding shipping). PM me if interested!
44 мин. назадsuperyfsuperyf
Selling her and Kaga as a set for $50 (excluding shipping). PM me if interested!
53 мин. назадSionaSiona
It's a force cast off
1 час назадLynette21Lynette21
Maakie (11 часов назад) #24835187Geen probleem! Hopelijk heb je een fijne verjaardag gehad! :)

Jup, dat heb ik zeker. ^^
1 час назадemosuccubusemosuccubus
oh god this is so bad i know nothing about this show but i always loved this girls design and this is just a mess im sorry for people who really like this character
1 час назадRaylaSanRaylaSan
Damn I would love this... so much... But it seems after market is my only solace.
1 час назад (1 час назад)naikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Sayu (1 час назад) #24850591Receveid my Stardust today ♥ Only one week with Sal registered on BiJ o_o !

Damn! Gonna go check my shipping progress again. I ordered her from the same place, same shipping option.

How is she? ♡
1 час назадDynamiteDynamite
Great picture!
1 час назадSayuSayu
Receveid my Stardust today ♥ Only one week with Sal registered on BiJ o_o !

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