2 мин. назадsailormatlacsailormatlac
Yukikaze (2 дня назад) #27453725I would like to see a figure of Saotome Mary also, she is delightful tsundere.

You bet! Anytime, anywhere! The classic and timeless pedant rich girl.
3 мин. назадchaosrealm93chaosrealm93
jzdavid (7 дней назад) #27239574if bismarck will drop in price after release i'll surely be pissed.
i don't want to see her in amiami being sold for 6-8k just like yuudachi and prinz.

6 мин. назадsailormatlacsailormatlac
I can't even believe I missed that one... I must have lived under a rock...
10 мин. назадJaydeJayde
Miaeka (50 мин. назад) #27578345The price made me gag for like half a second. It's just large pieces of plastic, why so expensive ;-;
I might go to a craft store to see if I can buy plastic panels and put one together myself, because I want a 1/4 Miku that's way too fucking big for any display shelf lmao

Like I said, it's not cheap. You can however get it without the base to save $30+ dollars. Link here: [ext link ] I unfortunately had to get it with a base since I wouldn't be able to slide the case over the figure with the lower ceiling in that room.

I don't know how much acrylic sheets are, but Home Depot gave me 48x96x1/4 (same thickness as the one I got) for $211. Granted you could probably find it cheaper. Then you'll have to cut it without damaging it in the process (I've tried before for a project and failed) and gluing it. I didn't want to have to deal with all that so I ended up buying this. In fact, I got that site from a fellow MFC user who linked it for their Sakura!
12 мин. назадKittokatsuKittokatsu
Your collection makes me jelly :3 You have 2 sets of figures I am working towards completing :)
15 мин. назадKittokatsuKittokatsu
I own this Tapestry, it's very well made. I have both this one and Annabel.
17 мин. назадLullesLulles
agentmozell (2 часа назад) #27574701Not sure. I was planning on emailing UC about it.
Do let us know if you find out lol
18 мин. назадsailormatlacsailormatlac
Stalking (20 дней назад) #26646399I really don't know why they went with this pose for a figure.
Imagine this in your shelf. Imagine that cylinder pool extract in your shelf.
What an eye sore :/

You're not supposed to look at the base! wink! wink!

Seriously, you're right.
19 мин. назадsailormatlacsailormatlac
shiroitora (16 дней назад) #26828136For someone coming out of a pool, hair seems very dry...

She's an idol you know, she can't afford to look bad, whatever the situation!
22 мин. назадICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
If anyone is selling this individually, let me know, please.
22 мин. назад (22 мин. назад)sailormatlacsailormatlac
Hard to believe we are still in Idolm@ster territory... and I used to think it was one of the most innocent idol franchise out there. There goes my childish illusions!
23 мин. назадsailormatlacsailormatlac
secretly-otaku (1 год назад) #15350470I AM OFFICIALLY DESCENDING INTO THE 2ND CIRCLE OF IDOL HELL!

Just seen the most recent pictures... seems I'll go as low as you. Is there a bottom in that hell? Feels like a one-way ticket to me.
24 мин. назадkasumicckasumicc
Canada? Don't bother with EMS, it's very expensive no matter the size, and you'll have to get ready for paying even more because you'll be charged by customs for certain. Try to change shipping method for a cheaper one. If not possible, write to Amiami and ask them to split your order so both Nendoroids can be shipped separately. It should still be cheaper than EMS!
25 мин. назадmaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
Awesome Kurumi ^_^ , one more for the Shrine
26 мин. назадmaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
Got my YunYun last week , very cute >_<
27 мин. назадmyappleseedmyappleseed
jazzylin (1 час назад) #27575988I dunno whats the deal eith sal these days, im going into week 6 and my box still isnt here. This is the third time this has happened too. It used to take 2 weeks on the dot for sal to western canada. Its insane.
Yeah EMS gets here in couple days. RSal and Sal get here anywhere between 8-12 week. Lately Sal package has all hit the 8+ week delivery time. I am going to use rSal from now on. At least I can file a claim after 3mth. Who knows if my package is lost or just plain late.
27 мин. назадsailormatlacsailormatlac
joueru (13 часов назад) #27532598Caved in and ended up getting her for 205SGD (151USD) as it was cheapest I found ;-; I thought the price would go down after awhile but nope

Well, two are available on AmiAmi at 11480Y and 9370Y (no clear card), which is less than 100USD. [ext link ] I'm pretty sure by next most Birthday figures will cost a fraction of their original or inflated price.

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