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  • Anyone Liked The BanG dream Nendos?
    23 дня назад
    Hello everyone ! Anyone selling some Haikyuu!! nendoroids ? They are so hard to find...
    1 месяц назад
    Anyone here hyped for the yukino yukinoshita nendo?
    4 месяца назад
    orchidsakura Magical Girl
    Hi everyone,

    If anyone knows of a seller selling the following please let me know. I'm looking for them at a reasonable price. I sold my Naruto nendoroids last year and I am having regrets now. I've managed to order a couple (just looking for Team 7 + Hinata) but I require the following three:

    1) Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden version with Kurama background)
    2) Hinata Hyuga
    3) Sakura Haruno

    Thanks so much! ^_^
    4 месяца назад
    How do i link a club to a nendoroid picture i created? picture/2397022...
    4 месяца назад
    PeanutButter1 год назад#52319364ITEM #689123

    i didn't realize that miku will be 1000th... thanks ...
    1 год назад
    Hpitoey1 год назад#52319153hi all...want to ask any news for nendo #1000?

    ITEM #689123
    1 год назад
    hi all...want to ask any news for nendo #1000?
    1 год назад
    azureblue1 год назад#50027566The exclusive base will be packaged separately from the standard one, so you'll get both

    Ah, thanks for the answer~

    And haha I just saw my typo. Glad that you got what I meant. Thanks again~
    1 год назад
    Shirokage1 год назад#49994660I'm looking to order my first Nendo with an exclusive base, and I have a newbie question: do exclusive bases usually replace the standard base inside the box, or are they packaged in addition to the standard item? (I dunno, put inside a bad and taped to the box?)
    I'm asking because the Nendo needs to be ordered via proxy, and I'm unsure if I need the proxy to check.

    The exclusive base will be packaged separately from the standard one, so you'll get both
    1 год назад
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