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Celebrate the World Government's secret assassins.
They're so secret, this club doesn't even exist.

That's right. You don't see us here at all. .-.

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Totally agreed, they didn't get any love at all. I thought the CP9 arc was one of the best. Lucci's pretty popular with the fans in Japan, too. Why no love?

I can't wait till they show up in the story again, cause they totally will now that they've become disillusioned with the World Government. Then maybe we'll get some more figures <3 Ten years of One Piece left, according to Oda, so we're bound to get something. *__*
10 лет назад
fama226 Micronize me
whoa, whoa there! I was beginning to think I was the only active commenter here! Seriously, the CP9 deserve more figure deals, their arc was one of the most impressive in the franchise yet was thoroughly ignored in terms of merchandise compared to that of the other arcs. At the least, Lucci got his POP figure so its not a total loss.......its just that everyone else should get a PVC too!
10 лет назад
Agreed, I loved the Water 7/CP9 arc to bits.

Can't wait for a Kaku P.O.P. either! He has no merchandise at all, which is strange considering his immense popularity with the fangirls. There isn't enough Lucci stuff either - what gives? xP
10 лет назад
fama226 Micronize me
CP9 doesn't get enough love! undoubtedly the best arc and characters of the series! not to mention Kaku! I'm still waiting for that Portraits of Pirates figure.... its Giraffe time!
11 лет назад
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