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Short hair and twintails
StalkingStalking8 лет назад
A club for everyone who loves figures with not only short hair, but adorable twintails!

Note: Characters with LONG HAIR but with their hair tied to twintails count as long as the twintails aren't long. Buns are buns so they are not included in this group (sadly)
It all depends on the rendition of the characters' hair.


Not accepted:
ITEM #397646
Twin-braids, Twin-buns, twintails over shoulder length.

Not accepted Character (twintails too long): ENCYCLOPEDIA #37839 Yet accepted figure (Borderline, though): ITEM #117932

Characters whose hair length is below the shoulders when untied, but over the shoulders when in twintails are accepted.
ENCYCLOPEDIA #6325 (depends the figure though)
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Stalking Loli hunter
lulugirl1227 лет назад#1414812Excuse me... What is the character in the group picture?
Oh, that is Dokuro-chan! ITEM #821
7 лет назад
Excuse me... What is the character in the group picture?
7 лет назад
Stalking Loli hunter
peabut7 лет назад#1244503ITEM #56224
ITEM #47945
ITEM #58593
ITEM #64101

Linked, thank you!
7 лет назад
Stalking Loli hunter
otaku-cupcake8 лет назад#1078864Not much activity here,eh?

Nope :U all the clubs I manage are mainly a list for me to see which figures have traits I like;
It's nice to see other people liking them, though!
8 лет назад
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Not much activity here,eh?
8 лет назад
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