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MonocleClaireMonocleClaire10 лет назад
Stuck with a broken figure you can't use? Need some spare parts, or you've lost some? Come to Spare Parts where you can sell, buy and swap all the parts you'll ever need!


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I have ITEM #142642 but she is missing the 2 stars on the back. I am willing to pay or trade for them (or even sell the entire figure if someone is interested). If not, does anyone know where to find something like this?
Hoping this works!
1 месяц назад
I got a #92 Marisa Touhou figure and the neck joint broke off and need a replacement part for it. I would greatly appreciate it.
2 месяца назад

Might be a shot in the dark, but I have some things and needs some things as a clumsy figure collector.

I'll start with the things I have:

-An entire broken drum kit, the main Ritsu figure, and a single drum stick for item#27726

-The main Sakura figure with no wand, the left arm is super-glued together but matches perfectly with my replacement one from Good Smile since the break/glue point is under the sleeve for item#396841

Now for the things I need:

-The leaf that goes in item#287743's mouth

-The needle that item#626018 holds

DM me for anything, I live in the UK
2 месяца назад
I need of the left shoe of

ITEM #849844

If you have an extra. Would appreciate it..
2 месяца назад
[HUNTING] I, unfortunately, lost the teal chess piece ITEM #594283 is supposed to be holding. If anybody is willing to part with theirs or somehow have an extra, please let me know!

I'm willing to pay for the piece itself as well as shipping- she's one of my favorite figures and I'm heartbroken to have lost a piece of her.
2 месяца назад
[HUNTING] I'm looking for the hat of Merry Nightmare - 1/8 (Alter) which is /ITEM #78622
2 месяца назад
[HUNTING] I'm searching for the parfait glass for Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/7 - Waitress Ver. ITEM #42037 Please message me if you have an extra you're willing to sell! Thank you!

Found it!
2 месяца назад
[HUNTING] Looking for anyone with both forearms to Figuarts Kingdom Hearts Sora (ITEM #582402 or ITEM #689203). Not the joints, just the forearms. Thanks!
3 месяца назад
[HUNTING] Just got a "Hobby Japan magazine Limited Fleet Collection Kancolle Shimakaze 1/8 PVC Figure" (Item #166425) at a decent price on ebay, but all the little mobile turrets and the backpack piece are missing. Looking to buy them if at reasonable price if anyone has spares.
3 месяца назад
[HUNTING] Type-Moon Racing Saber ITEM #498420 pommel from the sword or the whole umbrella-sword together. Thanks.
3 месяца назад