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This club is for all fans of Vocaloid, especially Hatsune Miku.

Created by the people from mikuchan.org imageboard and VocaDB Vocaloid Database.

Whether you're collecting figures and other merchandise based on the Vocaloids (especially Miku), or you're generally interested in the phenomenon, you're welcome, so don't be shy!

We have an irc channel at irc.rizon.net/mikuchan and a last.fm group.
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love mikuu *____*
4 года назад
Sorry, I've been ignoring this page for a while. Decided to name it back to mikuchan after all, since that name sounds nicer than VocaDB. I don't go to the imageboard myself anymore, but I'm on the IRC channel.

And yes, VocaDB is a database with Vocaloid albums and other related things.
7 лет назад
Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
queenofdoggs8 лет назад#1023835WHat is vocadb? Miku is the best one! VocadDB is Vocaloid Database. And yes she is ^_^
8 лет назад
WHat is vocadb? Miku is the best one!
8 лет назад
Because of my departure from mikuchan, I'm renaming this club according to my own site, VocaDB. The community is basically the same anyway.
8 лет назад
Wow, so many users here already. I was expecting that maybe 5 users would join. I have no immediate plans to start actual discussions here because the imageboard already handles that part so well (when it's not being ddos'd, heh), but you're free to create topics if you wish.

I just wanna say, I can't get enough of Miku. I hope (and believe) that she will keep appering in various sizes and awesome poses also in the future. Inb4 the official Miku doll...
9 лет назад
LovelyAthena112Miku was the one of the first anime characters I fell in love with <3
Hehe, same. Miku was the reason I started collecting figures.
9 лет назад
Miku was the one of the first anime characters I fell in love with <3
9 лет назад
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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