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xanimemarss20 дней назад#109304767Yo ive been wanting to collect anime figures for a while but i cant afford the figures i want,
any tips?
i'd say start off with smaller figures, like prize or trading figures ^__^ nendos can be pretty well priced too (50-80 for most). if you want a nicer scale though, and have the time to save up for it, amiami offers pay later options for preorders!! :] at least until they're in stock. mercari also has pay over time options, if you wanted to pick up a more expensive figure from there.
2 дня назад
16 дней назад
Yo ive been wanting to collect anime figures for a while but i cant afford the figures i want,
any tips?
20 дней назад
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Is anyone else no longer getting email notifications?
23 дня назад
Just want to thank the team behind MFC for switching servers. Now it works amazing and the pages load super fast. Kudos!
1 месяц назад
I want to create a club but the się show me "you aren't allowed to view this site" (´;ω;`)
1 месяц назад
Hello I was wondering why a item I added the other day was removed?

The item in question was ITEM #1498527
It was an Azur lane Ayanami Plush by Gift
If there was information missing I could gladly fix that but from my understanding all the information I listed there was correct and valid.

I'm currently in the midst of adding my whole anime collection onto the website and there are a lot more items I need to add that are missing from the site. So I want to know if I am making a mistake so I can correct it for the future because if I add 20-100 items I don't want to have to constantly come back to check if they have been removed.
1 месяц назад
Hey I was just wondering if anybody has seen these figures around. There are 3 variants: Nami, Nico Robin, and Boa Hancock. I tried posting the figures after spending all day gathering quality photos and links for them, unfortunately after all of my work they were removed. These figures are hard to figure out who manufactures them and I even have the box but I've tried translating it, seems like a low-level company to be honest. Any help would be awesome:)

Here's a link for the Nami figure i found (common on Amazon & AliExpress though)
2 месяца назад
Good evening everyone! Dose anyone knows if Binding figures are allowed in Qatar? Or any lewd figures
2 месяца назад
2 месяца назад
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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