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mikamika10 лет назад
Welcome to Bikini girls

Warning: Due to the subject matter of this club, it should be considered NSFW. If you are easily offended by plastic figures wearing little to cover them, please turn back now.

Bikini girls is a club for fans of Bikini figures such as those where the figure wears a 2 piece swimsuit or some other similar type of swimwear like a slingshot or a tankini. Please note that one piece or Sukumizu is not the object of this club nor are characters who wear a bikini top as their daily wear (Such as Nami, Yoko Littner, Mito Ikumi).

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why not just use the tagging system?
Ideally, that would be all we need. However, the tagging here at MFC tends to be somewhat inconsistent, and many figures have conflicting or downright inaccurate tags. As such This club database has been set up.
2. How can I help?
Either by making reviews of new or pre-existing bikini figures or keeping our list up to date, even taking your figures to the beach and taking pictures to share on MFC is a wonderful thing to do.
3 Are Nude/cast off figures allowed?
Yes, as long as they are beached/ swimwear themed


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Nothing like a bikini special in show! The figures are awesome too! :D
7 лет назад
It was interesting, taking pics of my figures, in Hawaii where real life girls in bikinis were sunbathing near me... it was... fun! :D
9 лет назад
Hi ! I'm looking forward to this club very much !
9 лет назад
Welcome OOM911! You are the 50th member to this club ^__^
9 лет назад
mikaNice. Akiha is lovely.Ooo yes! All of this series is very nice and sexy.
10 лет назад
DimitryPretty girl for club collection :)

And I am joining in club 8)

Nice. Akiha is lovely.
10 лет назад
Pretty girl for club collection :)

And I am joining in club 8)
10 лет назад
New poll about your favourite bikini style club/367/&p...
10 лет назад
EnkidulgaWhere's Nia??
She deserves love too T_T

Quite nice, she's in.
Some are added in the Sweet Swimsuits club CLUB #372.
10 лет назад
10 лет назад
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