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lu-klu-k12 лет назад
Can't resist those so damn cute little figures? Come and share your love for Nendoroids! They deserve it.
« Kawaiiiiiii! »
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6%(Super) Dangan Ronpa (2)
7%Persona/ SMT
1%Senran Kagura!
6%Sailor Moon
1%League of Legends
1%Monogatari series
1%American cartoons
1%Sword Art Online
1%Evangelion characters
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2%Square enix's games and animes
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Major ISO for the kenma nendoroid! I've been looking for it forever and thought I could try my luck here. PM me! :)
6 дней назад
Has anyone tried Nendoroid More hand parts on Nendoroid Doll and knows if they fit?
17 дней назад
CampoverdeSam7 месяцев назад#79254968Anyone Liked The BanG dream Nendos?
I absolutely love the bandori nendos! They're so cute and the instruments for poppin party look so cool and the outfits for the main vocalists are adorable!
17 дней назад
Anyone Liked The BanG dream Nendos?
7 месяцев назад
Hello everyone ! Anyone selling some Haikyuu!! nendoroids ? They are so hard to find...
7 месяцев назад
Anyone here hyped for the yukino yukinoshita nendo?
10 месяцев назад
orchidsakura Magical Girl
Hi everyone,

If anyone knows of a seller selling the following please let me know. I'm looking for them at a reasonable price. I sold my Naruto nendoroids last year and I am having regrets now. I've managed to order a couple (just looking for Team 7 + Hinata) but I require the following three:

1) Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden version with Kurama background)
2) Hinata Hyuga
3) Sakura Haruno

Thanks so much! ^_^
10 месяцев назад
How do i link a club to a nendoroid picture i created? picture/2397022...
11 месяцев назад
PeanutButter1 год назад#52319364ITEM #689123

i didn't realize that miku will be 1000th... thanks ...
1 год назад
Hpitoey1 год назад#52319153hi all...want to ask any news for nendo #1000?

ITEM #689123
1 год назад
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