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For all fans of the Nitro+ studio and the visual delights of the artist Niθ! This group is dedicated to every game and animation produced by the studio (even if Niθ had no part in it) as well as the intuitive flair of its amazing artwork. Whether you come to know the two by their games, animated shows, or even their figures you are more than welcome to come and join us!

Some of the most well known of Nitro+'s and NiO's works!


Jingai Makyo

Zoku Satsuriku no Jango.

Soukou Akki Muramasa

Gekko no Carnevale

Saya no Uta

Angelos Armas




Steins Gate

Phantom Requiem

Togainu no Chi

Lamento Beyond the Void

Sweet Pool

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03 года назадRaiskiRaiski
Arurie (4 года назад) #1890901I love Nitro+ but this club seems pretty dead now... That saddens me. Yeah, it'd need new mods to keep things more up to date. *waves suggestively at the mods&admin*
04 года назадArurieArurie
I love Nitro+ but this club seems pretty dead now... That saddens me.
05 лет назадAriacosAriacos
One of the greatest companies with the greatest artworks.
Nice club
05 лет назадRaiskiRaiski
Also the set should be added to this club of course encyclopedia #39553 ^^
05 лет назадRaiskiRaiski
(mfc link) Hey, shamelessly advertising this split for all you Nitro+ fans! It's been a while since some of these Nitro+ games have gotten any merchandise made out of them, so be sure not to miss out on these!! :)
05 лет назад_Suzume_Suzume
Hello nice club x3
And you should ad Dramatical Murder it's the newest Nitro+Chiral Novel *.*
05 лет назадRaiskiRaiski
(mfc link) Come give your support to Niθ's art as figures (and other cool Nitro+'s art based figures!) :3
05 лет назадitsame00itsame00
06 лет назадdoshiromodoshiromo
I want to join
06 лет назадSephikoSephiko
Steins; Gate is halfway translated! Yeeees!
[ext link ]
It's so hard to wait for the visual novel when eveyone's talking about the anime, and there are tons of figures coming out. >_<

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