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Yo, I'm fairly new here but created the CG Figure Apprectiation Club for any fans of the CG anime and figures. Post whatever CG figure appreciation stuff you want in this club. You can talk about experiences that got you or a freind into CG figure collecting. For instance, I was originally attracted to purchasing figures from the CG franchise when I saw these OMG gorgeous Million Live statue figures online. Unfortuntaly, I couldn't afford them at the time so I settled for some CG prize figures that were on sale which were still GORGEOUS. Anyways, don't you just love the glossey paint job on CG figures. The bright colorful paints and attention to detail, texture, the groovy looking grooves and fashionable patterns on the clothing of the CG figures. OMG! I totally, adore it! I've always been a fan of the flashy stage outfits but the figures with casual clothes are nice and simple to enjoy, too. Idk, just wanted to get that out there. So, what about you guys do you have any CG figure positivity to share? Anything in particular that makes you go gaga abou the detaila nd quality of the paint job or textures? Plz share!
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