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chobittsuchobittsu5 лет назад
This club is dedicated to everything related to the To LOVEru franchise, so lovers of this funny and ecchi series are welcome to join here!
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momo is mt favorite
10 месяцев назад
I'm extremely new to this, actually just half an hour ago I decided to start doing this figure thing, I want to get a bunch of school uniform to love ru characters (including Rito), any suggestions on where I should look?
2 года назад
Well, it looks like the last chapter of the Darkness manga is out now. Apparently only a few bangaihen chapters will come after that, so volume 18 will probably be the last one in the series.
A series that started almost 11 years ago has finally reached an end.
3 года назад
TLR_Yami5 лет назад#3137756Already preordered
ITEM #300672
ITEM #235929
but I have so many more to order from this series like
ITEM #287789
ITEM #144400
ITEM #198581
ITEM #287826
ITEM #286484
just cant get enough of To Love Ru,

same here. already have several yami figures and they're all so kawaii!! (check the pictures i have uploaded to see their Kawaii-ness
4 года назад
The artbook To Love ru Harem Gold must be added.
4 года назад
Hi everyone i suggest to add this one ITEM #331480 of Nana
It's a preview without color but i'm sure to buy her as soon as i can to go with ITEM #144400 Momo, ITEM #287789 Haruna, and ITEM #167145 Mea
I want to have the complete set :
ITEM #120387
4 more after this one ^_^
4 года назад
Hey everyone! I'm writing a To love Ru/Star Trek Crossover. Please check it out: franktankwu.wor...
4 года назад
I just love that AmiAmi Lala figure...
Now that I have her, she's just perfect! (dat ass...)
4 года назад
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
YES! more Yami! ITEM #368550
4 года назад
Patiently waiting for the non-existent holy grail that is Run:/
4 года назад
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