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TokitokiiTokitokii5 лет назад

In this adventure game, you play as a God Eater, a young warrior who has taken up arms against Aragami, a powerful, mysterious creature that has appeared around the world. You team up with three other God Eaters for co-operative Aragami hunting through over 100 missions.

God Eater lets players create their own character, editing such areas as hair style, hair color, face, skin, clothing, and voice. You can even customize your weapon using special materials. Players can venture out in the world in four-player co-op quests, and outside of multiplayer, the game promises a large story. When playing alone, you'll experience a full story with CPU-controlled NPC characters.

A prologue animation of 12 minutes have been revealed at the tokyo game show

There is many sequel on PSP and There is an announcement about the new God Eater 2 Rage Burst for PSVita and PS4.

Anime adaptation have been announed on October 18th 2014 godeater.jp/ani...
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-invi-4 года назад#5636270Finally God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 -Rage Burst- localization confirmed!

I was very happy as I heard this some days ago too :)
4 года назад
Finally God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 -Rage Burst- localization confirmed!
4 года назад
bought few of alisa figures because I expect her price to jump when the anime airs.. better purchase it when it is still affordable!
5 лет назад
can't wait for the summer season!
and finally my SHF Alisa Ge2 arrived yesterday.. :)
figure is fantastic.. must get GE1 gun version as well but my wallet hasn't permitted it yet.. T^T
5 лет назад
just ordered SHF Alisa Ge2 ver.. can't wait for her to arrive (Dec-jan).. totally forgot about the anime announcement would it lead to more figs? one can only hope.. :3
5 лет назад
time to replay GE Burst to fill in the gap then :3
5 лет назад
an english release of rage burst would definitely push me to getting a vita..
5 лет назад
I hope Rage Burst got an English release on vita :3
5 лет назад
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