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Yuuka_KazamiYuuka_Kazami11 лет назад

'nuff said.
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I am beyond excited! : D

BeatlesRNice2 месяца назад#94975897Part 6 confirmed.
2 месяца назад
Part 6 confirmed.
2 месяца назад
2 года назад
Golden Wind PV
3 года назад
God I'm so ready
3 года назад
Part5 anime confirmed !!

3 года назад
kid_eustass3 года назад#34641016Anyone knows if there are any official JoJo wall scrolls that you can buy?Yeah.
How big though ya want man ?.
3 года назад
Anyone knows if there are any official JoJo wall scrolls that you can buy?
3 года назад
Third opening ITEM #486192 (yeah kinda late ^^), they really did a great job with all of them so far.

4 года назад
Second opening for the Part 4 anime, outstanding! ITEM #445895

5 лет назад
Best Goods from Japan

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