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What happens if you don't join the club?:

Sasha will call you...

Introduction to Potata Onna:

Also known as Potato Girl, Sasha Blouse (or Braus according to some translations), who shares name with Heavy Weapons Guy's new weapon, is an efficient cute brunette girl with a ponytail and member of the 104th Corps Graduates in order to defend the world from the monstruous and weird faced Titans, and known for a specific fetish for potatoes and bread unlike Trafalgar Law. She is especialized in bow and arrow. Her Japanese voice is Yuu Kobayashi.

She currently doesn't have much serious merchandising except for a World Collectable Figure of her giving you her swords. Let's hope that she gets more attention in the future.

Random stuff:

Best Sasha Cosplay in deviantArt

Custom Nendo Sasha by kkraisin

Heavy and Law's opinions about Sasha:
Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttp://i.imgur.com/U82wFIR.jpg

Kyon's opinion on Sasha:

Sasha's reaction to Kyon's opinion:

Heavy's reaction to Sasha's reaction to Kyon's opinion
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we need more Sasha figures!!
5 лет назад
6 лет назад
Mission: ...To buy all the Sasha things.
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You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!

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