Комментарии How are you selling off Figurines in this pandemic?

late answer but to me- nothing is selling at all :(
doesnt help i live in a smaller city in germany and there is not many options.
regular ebay fees are too expensive, i rly am struggling i need every cent right now lol
int. would be too unfair to put in because i cannot afford the fees and the buyer would have to pay a shitload for a nendoroid or prize or something and it just doesnt sit right with me.
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Thank you to all have have put a comment and that have read the thread. Its nice to blog once a gain.

I will look into getting a 3 month subscription here to place adds.

= )

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Demigod_Dan1 год назад#106305435Don't sell, only buy :3 this.
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I've sold over 200 plus figures and this is my advice.

Even though there are fees, I prefer selling on proper platforms such as Mercari and eBay as others said. Buyers are more serious and less likely to waste your time or ghost you.

Take detailed photos and note any damage in the description. The good thing is your items seem to be mostly MISB so that its less likely buyers will claim damage. But I would even list damage and dents to the box as I've had some buyers come back and complain. I never say the box is pristine anymore because of complaints.

Check out buyer feedback. New accounts are ok, but I would make sure to have a conversation with that buyer first.

Use the make an offer option on eBay or Mercari or price reasonably with some excess margin on top with the expectation buyers will want to haggle.

Most importantly, trust your gut about buyers. If someone seems too picky - asking for a ton of photos, complaining about small defects, lowballing you, just don't sell to them.

I've had a few issues with buyers, but most of them are genuine and want to buy a figure they really want and are happy when you make the process easy for them.
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Not selling anymore, it's just a headache to me.
1 год назад
If you're paranoid my favorite platform is Mercari as the buyer has three days to rate (keep) the item or it has to be sent back. Only downside is the fees are kinda high
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Don't sell, only buy :3
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Abras Aaahh Real Figures
Representing the item accurately and careful packaging has served me well on here, eBay, and Depop. Photos do wonders. Even a sealed box gets a full turnaround of photos now. It doesn't take long and these listings of mine sell faster usually.

The more you cover yourself in the original listing or invoice, the less there is to be afraid of. My PayPal invoices included photos and a statement that the buyer agreed to the items condition by paying the invoice.

Defining terms like A/A if you list on eBay or elsewhere with them is helpful, as not everyone is familiar but will still understand the value of a well kept figure when you explain this.

As for paranoia, I take photos of my packaging in the event that someone tries to claim it wasn't packed well. Thankfully I haven't had to use the photos yet, but it gives me peace of mind.

This is more my particular pet peeve/advice, but I don't like buying things if someone is holding it with bare hands in the photos. Not everyone is like this, but if you're aiming to get most of your money back I would keep it in mind.
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I just started to sell my first figures and had the same concerns as you.
I sold my first one on monday and she arrived today. Waiting for the feedback from the buyer.

I take a lot of precautions:
- screenshot of the add
- screenshot of the messages
- screenshot of the tracking
- a lot of pictures of the figure before packing, the packing process, the paddings and the sealed package with the label. On all those pictures I include a piece of paper on which I write "Sale Archiwheel (me) to XXX" and the date.
Then I can prove how the package was protected and that the address was correct.
I also send the pictures of the package to the buyer together with the tracking number.

Call me paranoid, too lol.

EDIT: Just received the feedback from the buyer: everything is OK and she is happy :3
1 год назад
I only really know about selling in the US (only had one international buyer). For making ads, I save myself the trouble later and take a lot of photos in advance, of the box and the figure from the front/back/sides, and photos of any damages or manufacturer quality issues (sometimes small stuff someone might be annoyed by). But most of your figures are still sealed so its only a few photos but you might want to take some showing the in-tact seals/tape (I do this for prize figures with no windows). Photos will clearly show the condition of the figure if the buyer choses to dispute it unjustifiedly.

But for things like packaging, I select a box that has at least an inch of space around the figure box, if not a 2-4 inches and fill that with the brown recylable packing paper to make sure the figure doesn't slip around. This is usually good enough but if I have extra bubble wrap/air packets I'll use those too. I always take photos of the figure in once its been packed up to show its secure, take a picture of the shipping label, take a picture of my shipping reciept from the post office.

I would recommend getting a packaging scale if you think you'll be selling a lot of figures because you'll need the weight of box to calculate the shipping cost to tell the buyer in advance. They can tell you at the post office but you'd have to go twice. Plus if you have a printer its more convenient to pre-pay and print labels. Or if you don't want to do that, try to figure out a general shipping price and add that into the cost of the figure/ "free shipping" rather than calculating for every person.

I wasn't able to use invoices for a while but I recommend using those in paypal and copying in the condition of the figure used in your ad. Something like "GSC 1/8 Deep Sea Miku, Pre-owned unopened figure sold in as is condition". Or "Miku Nendoroid 2.0, pre-owned opened but in like new condition, includes all parts". Just to be safe with a buyer claiming something is missing or not in correct condition.

As for issuing refunds in paypal it is easy enough, you can refund partial or full costs. I had a box get damaged (by my meddling nephew) and I refunded the person who had already paid part of the cost and let them know what happened with pictures. Also happened with a figure that I saw had a broken part and the buyer was understanding with the refund.

I've sold maybe 60-70 figures over 3 years and haven't had any issues with buyers trying to scam me or such. Only complaint with packaging was a nendoroid part moving around the box since I didn't re-tape it in which i know to do now. It should be okay all and all!
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