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So I went to the post office today to check my mail. Thanks to the magic of tracking numbers, I expected one registered SAL package and one fairly large EMS parcel. Then there was one more package that didn't include tracking that I was expecting to arrive around this time-- and that would be it.

In my PO box were five parcel slips. It was unexpected, since the rest of the stuff I was waiting on to arrive here was shipped SAL only about a week or two ago, but it was no big deal. I had brought a couple of bags with me to haul my other three parcels home, so I was sure there'd be room for the two others.

Then I get to the counter to pick up my stuff. The total was actually seven parcels O_O

Not only were there the three I expected (one from my proxy, one from AromaCoffee via Rakuten, one from the Backloggery), but the unregistered SAL stuff from my proxy and an order (also shipped Unregistered SAL) from CDJapan. Whew!

Here's all the stuff!

ITEM #144444 was my main driver in placing my first ever Rakuten order, and since shipping from AromaCoffee is EMS only, I also got ITEM #108799 (who arrived a little discolored, but he was half-off, so...), ITEM #108801 (also half-off), and ITEM #136444. In general, I'm pretty happy with how this order went.

MIKU-Pack 02 and ITEM #148812 came from CDJ; I had a bunch of points saved up and got some more for my birthday month of June, which covered a good chunk of the total cost of this order.

That plushie to the right is Bak'laag, the Dark Lord of Unfinished Games and the main mascot of the video game inventory site The Backloggery. I've been a member of that site for years and couldn't resist preordering.

The Amazon.co.jp proxy order was the biggest of the bunch, split into four parcels. It started through my hunting of ITEM #131444, ITEM #131443, and ITEM #131446 and snowballed from there. I also picked up more prize figures (including ITEM #10721, representing my favorite Miku PV, and my first ever FuRyu figures), a couple of harder-to-find CDs (the Wind Waker OST for my husband, and the last BeForU studio album I was missing for me), Pinkies, and some other things.

Then, on a whim, I searched for my figure Holy Grail, and lo and behold, a third-party Amazon.co.jp seller had it... and for a decent price!

Yes, my Holy Grail was the VCD "Two-Gun Mickey" version of Minnie Mouse (ITEM #54401). Although I don't have many VCDs, I love them, and Minnie is far from my favorite Disney character, but I fell in love with this pose. Unfortunately, I didn't really start hunting her until she had gone out of print.

She's one of those figures that is not so much expensive (again, I paid a very reasonable price for her), as difficult to find in the first place. For years, searches of eBay, Mandarake, etc. were fruitless, and I'd all but given up until I saw a relatively inexpensive but sold-out listing for her in AmiAmi's preowned section. As I was already placing this proxy order anyway, I'd decided it was worth checking Amazon.co.jp. Good thing I did!

And now, after a small bit of confusion with my proxy-- I had wanted the parcel with Minnie sent Registered SAL, and the rest Unregistered, but was originally charged for everything sent via the former method-- she's here!

As for the yellowed window, I was not worried about that, since I have seen such discoloration in the past on other older figure boxes.



As you can see, the figure and blister are fine, and it's just the window that's discolored. As for Minnie herself...

...she has a little scuff mark on her head and can't stand on her own, but she looks great otherwise :D Last year I got my game soundtrack Holy Grail, and now I have my figure one, so I'm a pretty happy collector right now.

At any rate, all of this was way too expensive (I don't even want to think about what I spent on shipping alone) and I hope I don't have to do another post like this for quite some time :P Nevertheless, I hope you've enjoyed this post!
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Have you ever managed to get a Holy Grail?

34%Yes, and the price was good!
26%Yes, but I paid a ton of money for it ;_;
32%No, but I'm still searching!
1%No, and I've all but given up ;_;
1%Holy Grail and the price went up to what I felt it would on auction
5%All of the above
1%Mix & match of the above. I have more than 1 grail.
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I think that Mickey is so awesome!!! If I was ever able to find something like that, I would probably get it for my mom haha she is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie lol.
8 лет назад
Haha, I should probably get one of those Backloggery plushes too. My backlog on the site is massive and I haven't even updated it that recently, so it's even longer now. I have way too much to play, stupid Humble Bundles.

I'm still really annoyed that a local UK site had a lovely Spice & Wolf artbook which I was on the verge of ordering, but didn't as I had a convention coming up and I knew they were going to be in attendance. Problem is, they sold out before the event happened and the original release was years ago, so it's really quite hard to find now. I have a similar problem with an Aria shirt they used to sell on rightstuf which I didn't get years ago, but since I have become a massive fan of the franchise since I regret not doing so and now it's crazy hard to find.

Still, lovely loot you've got here. I can't say I've ever had more than three parcels at once, let alone seven. That's pretty crazy.
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RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
MarshallDTeach9 лет назад#1591235That two-gun Mickey is the only thing I'm jealous of
Er, I didn't make this post to inspire envy :/
9 лет назад
That two-gun Mickey is the only thing I'm jealous of
9 лет назад
I don't know whether to love or hate you for posting a picture of that backloggery plush that I didn't even know existed! (I literally just ordered one for myself right now!) If you ever want to add me on there, my user name is the same as my MFC one, though admittedly I know nothing of how any social interactions work on that site lol
9 лет назад
Raithos Stagnant
9 лет назад
i can't tell if that's minnie or mickey...even the box labeling is ambiguous.

o the skirt and flower in cap makes it a female figure. =P
9 лет назад
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Exand9 лет назад#1589964It really is Xmas in June for MFC'ers isn't it? :D
I must have been bad this year because Santa didn't bring me anything lol..

Btw love the monochrome Minnie. I see a new one on Amazon for 11,800yen. Must... resist...

Yeah, it seems like there's so many loot blogs today!

I don't remember seeing a Minnie there for that much, but now that I check, the prices there now are just... wow :O My own Minnie was 4,500 yen before shipping, etc. and listed as "Used - Like New". Like with last year's game OST grail (which I got for about half of its usual after-market price), maybe I simply got lucky...
9 лет назад
It really is Xmas in June for MFC'ers isn't it? :D
I must have been bad this year because Santa didn't bring me anything lol..

Btw love the monochrome Minnie. I see a new one on Amazon for 11,800yen. Must... resist...
9 лет назад
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Jennyfur9 лет назад#1589911Very nice haul! I'm so glad you managed to get your grail :D I'm sure it was an awesome surprise to have 7 packages waiting for you!
Thanks, and yeah, it was a nice surprise, except for the part where I had to walk home with all of them!

Paulichu9 лет назад#1589919lol I actually quite like the discolouration in the box front. It gives Minnie an old film sepia look. GREAT haul though ♥
I had pretty much that same thought when I first saw her box :) And thanks!
9 лет назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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