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RamgodRamgod7 лет назад
Hello MFC!

My first blog here and I just want to give you all a quick introduction before the tour. I started collecting anime figures about 4 months ago. A close friend of mine brought me back to anime scene last year after a very long break. I honestly didn't know anything about anime figure until he showed me his collection. I think they look really nice and I wanted to get few figures of the character I really like myself. I wanted to showcase them in my room – one by my TV, two of them on my computer desk, and maybe another one by the couch. Great idea but as we all will see soon enough, it didn't work out quite as expected.

It’s always nice to see pictures of fellow member’s display setup. It gave me so much ideas and good amount of materials to consider in building my own. I read pretty much every “room tour” blog posts in MFC so thank you, posters and kudos to MFC for providing such a great community for us.

The original idea was to use four Detolfs for the main display but after second look, unfortunately I have to abandon the plan because they would look too big and distracting in my small room, and I really hate to part with my couch and bedside drawer – the only available space for the Detolfs. I did consider a smaller display cabinet but there’s really not much selection that can fit my criteria w/o spending too much money.

The space limitation left me with very little options but to utilize the empty walls. I browsed quite a few different styles of wall shelf and decided on Ikea Lack. This is the type of wall shelf that doesn't use visible support bracket. It’s plenty strong for even the heaviest figure in my collection and it looks clean enough to my fancy.

Let’s start the tour :)

This is the main display wall. I’m using 3 sets of Dioder LED Multi-use light and a strip of Inreda light:



Three shelves on top of my computer desk with 2 sets of Dioder:


One wall shelf with Inreda light strip on top of the TV:


My small Haruhi wall scrolls that end up in wood frames, 4 small Lack shelves, and a set of Dioder by the entrance:


And just another view from different angle:


I honestly think I could do much better job with the cable management but I will leave them as is for now, there's simply not enough time to do everything these days. I will probably re-work on them later, together with my next Detolf project. The plan is to fit a Detolf in between the computer desk and the TV, so I have more room for the next 20+ figures I have preordered :|

I hope you all enjoy the blog :)

I welcome any suggestion or comment.

Thanks for reading.
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Desighn of a dream o.o
3 года назад
Wow, this is a very well designed! The lighting is great. This gives me some new ideas for my new room, but it will be awhile until renovations begin.
4 года назад
Danggggggg, this is awesome!
Its so clean and organized.
5 лет назад
Very inspiring layout! Great use of linear space and lights; the figures don't look crowded and are very well-spread. ^_^
5 лет назад
Really nice room you there :) I love how you did everything :)
6 лет назад
Wow really nice setup, everything is organized very nicely with no overcrowding. I love the use of dioders under each floating shelf, it looks great. :D
7 лет назад
Thanks for the compliments guys. Much appreciated.

beanbeany7 лет назад#1575129We have a somewhat similar collection. But I must say, your room is much nicer than mine.
I'm rooming with someone and I'm in denial that I actually live here. So I haven't actually done anything to make my room really nice.
Either way, looks great.

If you think you'll move out from the place sometime in the near future, you're probably doing the right thing by holding it off. I would hate to take them off if I were to move too.
7 лет назад
We have a somewhat similar collection. But I must say, your room is much nicer than mine.
I'm rooming with someone and I'm in denial that I actually live here. So I haven't actually done anything to make my room really nice.

Either way, looks great.
7 лет назад
REALLY NICE man, kudos. I wish I had taken some pictures of my old place, I had a pretty nice set up. It's to late now.. but one day I'll have sweet place like that again and can take pictures.
Anyway awesome.
7 лет назад
Ramgod7 лет назад#1571182They're not in the shelf rather attached on the surface : www.ikea.com/us...
The cable lines are somewhat hidden under black electrical tape. You can see the lines in the pictures.

Oh... I see, thanks. now gonna get that led and lack too
7 лет назад