Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - 1/8 (ALTER)Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - 1/8 (ALTER)Review

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Hi !
As usual, I'm not good in english, sorry for all faults I can do (I use a traductor... ^^').

Here is therefore the review of very nice Gwendolyn de Alter (drawn of Odin Sphere), edited in 2008 and reissued in 2010. (Grieved for drops on the figurine but it rained)


The figurine is introduced in a brush limp square (dimensions: 20 x 28x 35), in blue tones (clearly for writing, made darker for the rest). Pictures of archetype adorn the cardboard. The way of inlaying them in the back plan isn't badly made and it gives a "soft" side to group, having an effect purified enough (not too much loaded).

Sculpture and painting

Gwendolyn is introduced to us landing on a trunk of tree, its spear at the hand. The figurine is very big (well 37cm, see more).
The first thing which hit me was the colouring of wings. These, lower views, seem opaque, but bottom, painting lets through brightness and return and simply bluffing.
Then, the painting of group is remarkable. nice gradations, colours really correspondent to archetype, full of small details, which form a very very harmonious. I spotted no breed of moulding, or of defects of painting.
For joints, they are very well hidden except that of the tunic, if they look of enough near, on the side. But apart from this detail there, everything is ok also for this point. The effects of creases are very well retranscribed.
The base, as for him, is a small wonder. The effect of mushrooms, of trunk, foliages are really bluffing. A lot of care and job was brought in this element. Part of the very figurine is really needed.
In short, Gwendolyn is a very nice room, loving Odin Sphere or not. Nevertheless, seen her success, she is rather hardly discovered in fair price.En bref, Gwendolyn est une très belle pièce, amoureux de Odin Sphere ou non. Néanmoins, vu son succès, elle est assez difficilement trouvable à prix décent.

The small note for the endLe petit mot pour la fin

Being fan of Odin Sphere (I had put my opinion on this game before on this blog), having seen the success of this young lady, I needed Gwendolyn (this character is very nice, besides, to play). At the beginning, seen its price, I had left thrown and I intended to shut on this of Yamato (who will take out I-don't-know-when). With a good lucky break, I sold and I accumulated enough to be taken her (I will thank the seller never enough for this). At the opening of the packet, it was a big of surprise. She was even nicer than in photo (archetype and end product being the same quality). I it think that, now, has just become the nicest room of my collection (saber and black rock to shoot behind her).
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1 год назад
iceminxThe water drops are gorgeous!

I have to agree. I thought the rain water? was nice too.
9 лет назад
The water drops are gorgeous!
9 лет назад
Oy Oy !
Je poste en anglais pour qu'un maximum puisse un peu comprendre. Les anglophones auront surement mal à leur mirettes mais au moins, ils peuvent comprendre un minimum.
Pour la version française, utopieszaff.wor...
Tout y est sur mon blog.
9 лет назад
La traduction n'est pas fameuse, tu pourrais poster une review en français, il y a beaucoup de gens qui postent dans leur propre langue et pas en anglais, ça serait mieux que ce charabia...

En tout cas tes photos sont très jolies!^^
9 лет назад
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