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StarshipPooperStarshipPooper9 лет назад
I am reviewing this figure in the hopes of providing information to those of you thinking about acquiring her. Let me state I know absolutely nothing about this figure and I never played the video games. Maybe if I did I would know why a 1/8 figure is bigger than a 1/6 figure!!!???


I'm not complaining that she's big, but is she really 1/8 scale? If that's the case she would be almost 7 feet tall!!! Also, you can buy her from the Volks Store, but be aware at least for me they will not ship to the US for their "For Japan only" figures meaning you will have to use a service like a proxy.

Anyway, before I go any further please understand I will never give a 10 no matter how perfect a figure as there is always room for improvement.

Sculpting & Painting

First a quick 360 tour.


Hopefully you can tell by the pictures that there isn't any glaring issues to report, actually no issues at all. She only has one visible seam/line and that's at the usual location for most figures located at the top of her head. Her crown, tails and pointy ears easily distract you from it.


Speaking of her crown, look at the amazing paint job they did with the gold treatment on it and her outfit. Almost without exception, the paint job on this figure was amazing except for one area which I'll talk about soon. This truely is deserving of an exclusive figure the attention to detail they put into this figure in regards to painting her.

As mentioned, not all of the figure was painted perfectly. Specifically, a part of her that can be removed. More than likely someone else painted that part while the more skillful person painted the figure. I am of course talking about her armored skirt.

Pay attention to the gold parts... that's where they seem to get sloppy.


Maybe I'm nit picking, but it was noticeable to me when contrasting with the rest of this figure that was painted perfectly.


You can see the sloppiness better in the picture above. However, take note of the shading used on the edges of the skirt to enhance the various folds and wrinkles in the fabric. I mean sculpting wise that armored skirt looks fantastic and for the most part the paint job is excellent except for the gold pieces. Maybe they were painted fine but were damaged when packaging?

Another thing to mention about the skirt if you look below is they treated it to prevent paint transfer to the figures skin. I love it when they actually make an effort to protect the figure.


Now let's look at her amazing weapon.


I'm not sure how it works but it looks cool. They did a great job with the details on the weapon, it looks like you can almost "shoot" it. Note the gold handle above the ammo cylinder, that's actually detachable to make attaching the weapon to the figure very easy. However, you can actually wrangle that weapon into her hand without detaching the handle but you will risk damaging the figure. Btw, the weapon has an ammo cylinder and a magazine? Huh?


I love her smile and how they part her lips. Big points for them on how they choose not to take the Griffon route and actually give her nipples. Also, look at her nice mid section.

Now there is another paint issue...


They didn't paint her panties as thoroughly as you can see by the strings on each side. The transition from material to flesh is a little rough too from what looks like adhesive spilling out. Most figures have this issue and since she actually looks better with the armored skirt on, I don't know if it's a big issue.

Well, I'll admit, they did a nice job from the other side... 8Þ


One of the nicest feature about this figure? Her boots and gloves...



Amazing paint work and sculpting. Very eye catching.


I love the hairstyle and the paint work they did on it. Great job overall.

Last but not least, her lovely legs...


What can I say? They did a great job with the color, muscle tone, shape and curves. Such lovely legs. A common point of failure is usually the knees but they did a great job there as well. I can't get enough of her lovely long legs.


Besides those lovely legs, take a gander at her lovely midsection again.

Verdict? Sculpting is a solid 9, max score possible. I see no faults at all, absolutely fantastic. Worthy of being an exclusive.
Painting is also a 9, some minor issues but I'm willing to let them slide since I was being picking due to her being an exclusive.


What can I say? I love her pose.


I really like what they did with her weapon. They didn't go with a boring pose you normally come to expect where she's wielding it or hefting it up on her shoulder(s) or back. Her lean and the tilt of her head with her wide open stance is quite seductive. Love the touch of her resting her chin on her left hand with that wicked smile and those big eyes hiding mysteries that will drive me mad. Put it's definitely the placement of her weapon that is so novel. It also nicely kept her foot print low, she fits perfectly within the confines of her base so displaying her shouldn't be that much of an issue.

Score of 9 for Posing.



The base? Pretty plain and maybe a little too big for her. Score of 5 for average.



A nice take on a window box design, love it. Great layout and artwork. Note the "Only for Japan and Made in China" part. That cracks me up for some reason. 8Þ


Standard blister design and she's wrapped in plastic to protect from rubbing/paint transfer.

Overall, I was pleased with the packaging. Score of 8.


I love this figure and I'm happy I bought her. I'm sure I would enjoy her more if I actually knew what the heck that weapon did and if she's really almost 7 feet tall!!! She's a great looking figure and overall was put together very nicely. I do not regret the pains of getting her and will happily own her for some time. Score of 9.

There's probably more that I can say about this figure but this isn't my day job... 8Þ Plus, if you knew how much time I takes me to write one of these from pictures to the actual review you'd understand.

See you later.
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DregoA proxy ? For internet ? If you do that they ship you even if the adress is not in japan ?

Once a private citizen buys from the store, they can do with it what they want. Only the stores are not "allowed" to sell internationally.

That's why I find the "For Japan Only" thing funny when it's right next to the "Made in China" mark. It's like those "Made In the USA" tags that are also made in China.

And Proxy as in a person that buys the figure in your place not an Internet Proxy 8Þ
9 лет назад
Drego Neko fanboy
StarshipPooperFrom the Volks store. I had to use a proxy since they won't ship to the US, at least for me...
A proxy ? For internet ? If you do that they ship you even if the adress is not in japan ?
9 лет назад
From the Volks store. I had to use a proxy since they won't ship to the US, at least for me...
9 лет назад
Drego Neko fanboy
Thank you for making a review of her ! :D
Great review as always ... but where did you get her ?

I was hopping to order Nanbu Kaguya figure/35739_mu... which come from the same game but as you said it's "Only for Japan and Made in China" so ...
9 лет назад
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