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Yesterday I ordered the famous Shirahoshi from AmiAmi Pre-owned section, and now, after receiving a very confusing invoice, I have questions.
The figure weights 1457g. The invoice they sent me says small packet shipping is impossible. Is the box so huge?
Then, they charged me 4195 yen for shipping. But that's the price of 2,3kg! Where have they found an extra kilo?
I reported on this issue and I'm waiting for their reply, but still I want to ask the board, is this a fair price or is AmiAmi slightly cheating? I've been their loyal customer for ages but now I'm thinking of leaving them...
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Coincidentally, I also ordered her this past week, also pre-owned. Since SAL was given as an option, I decided to pick it for my shipping. The invoice I later got, however, said that it'd be shipped via EMS at 4,420¥
So, if anything, now I feel cheated >_<

*Edit* I live in Westchester, NY. Maybe that's the reason for the difference in cost. Coz I feel real stoopid right now. OTL
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She weighs a lot more than 1457g. Also, yeah, she's pretty huge. That's why I got her from Toyslogic instead, because the difference in price is made up by the difference in shipping.
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MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
You should be aware that there are other costs involved with shipping. And even though it may not be much the shipping box itself and the packing peanuts or whatever they may put inside the box could also affect the weight. Which depending on how big the figure is could easily account for an extra kilo (maybe). I found AmiAmi's shipping to be the same for me as other companies, give or take a few $$ I have had USA based companies charge me more shipping for a figure than Japanese ones even.

But it is true that AmiAmi (at least that I have noticed) uses overly large boxes to ship. The boxes they use and the amount of packaging could certainly be smaller, but then there might be a risk of the figure being damaged.

I do not know how other people's experiences are but in my own I found that they charged me the same as pretty much everywhere else, so whoever has the figure cheapest I buy from.

even though I do not know much about your situation specifically, I do hope that you are not getting ripped off and hopefully you reach an agreement that you are happy with.
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I haven't had any recent orders, but at least up to December 2012 Amiami shipping was perfectly normal, so I'm not sure where all these accusations of scams are coming from.
Amiami SAL small packet shipping is cheaper than:
Hobby Search (for books, not sure about figures)

I haven't used other services, but I can't imagine they'd be significantly cheaper.
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Yeah I've noticed that they seem to be charging more for shipping now when I get invoices. Tempted to switch to hobby search...
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I received an invoice today, I estimated 2,5kg but they charged me for 3 and something (5230yen instead of 4425) with SAL parcel.
You're not alone :P
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i've been screwed by amiami before, for example, i had a large order and got this email:
Thank you for shopping at AmiAmi.

We have determined that your pre-order for this month, order #######, will require multiple shipments due to the large size/number of items. Because of this, we would like your permission to invoice and ship separately the items that are currently in stock. We believe this will benefit both you and our store by avoiding the late-month shipping rush and allowing you to receive your orders more quickly. Smaller shipments also tend to have smoother clearance through customs.

Please confirm if you would like us to split the shipment of your large order.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

i agreed to the split (they split out 20k yen of items) and they shipped my order. but then a couple of days later they had their "bonus 10% points" campaign...so effectively i missed out on 2k of points because of this. dirty.
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Congrats on the Shirahoshi snag! Once you get her, you'll be happy you ordered her.
Is the box that big....yes. The only box I have that's bigger than Shira's (and not by much either) is the one for Madokami. ITEM #98665 I think the shipping on Shira set me back $45 USD...which considering until then I hadn't ordered a static scale figure shocked me.
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Lexiy7 лет назад#1431612Scam is a big word. I would recommend that you try see the weight of the item including the figure box which is around 600 g. Shipping box might be around 700g.
However there is something strange... Your quoted price does not match any of the EMS Japan post official quotes:
Up to 2,000 g 3,000 yen 4,000 yen 4,600 yen 7,000 yen
Up to 2,500 g 3,500 yen 4,700 yen 5,400 yen 8,500 yen
those are the prices from 2kg to 2.5kg for Asia, NA, EU and SA. In almost 95% of all cases, your quoted shipping price and weight much match one of the prices from the EMS Japan post website.
For example, I know 1 nendoroid is going to be either 1,500 to 1,860 yen to me. and that 2 nendoroids are most likely 2,040 to 2,400 yen almost in 99% of the cases. So, yeah, I would be a little bit concerned in your case that Amiami is trying to either profit from you or do something strange with their quote. Maybe they are charging you a little extra for the shipping box.. not sure..
however, if the box really weights a total of 1457, you should be charged 3,700 yen.
your 2.3kg quote is wrong in terms of matching it to the price they are quoting you. I'm not sure where you are getting the quote that 2.3kg is 4195, as I direct quoted the prices per weight the EMS post states. but for more info www.post.japanp...

No, it, not. I never said it was EMS, it's a SAL parcel shipping rate.
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wingman137 лет назад#14317925000 yen for a mug sounds like they just accidentally invoiced you for SAL parcel instead of small packet or something.

It wasn't just a one time thing though, that was just the most and the last straw. AmiAmi always overcharged me. Every single time. That's just my experience, I don't know if everyone has that problem, but reading the comments here it seems like I am certainly not the only one that has dealt with this issue from them.
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