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Today we'll be taking a look at MaxFactory's latest heroine, Katanako. She comes from the 7th Dragon 2020 PSP game which is a spin off of the 7th Dragon game from the Nintendo DS. 2020 is meant to be strictly a side story and not a continuation of the original game.

She is referred to by her class in the game, Samurai, which is basically the swordsman class most of you are familiar with in most RPGs. The class deals damage via physical combat and is well balanced as expected for the stereotypical swordsman template. There are other physical combat damage dealers that deal more damage but at a cost in other areas that do not allow them to keep up the pace. The character herself was designed by Shirow Miwa aka m.m.m. + Gee who is known for the Dogs manga.

She was a standard release in November of 2012 and retailed for around 9,000 Yen. At this time she is still available from various stores if you want to acquire her.

The goal today is to take a closer look at her and what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains panty shots, proceed at your own risk.
Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆







MaxFactory went with a tower window box design. Windows are located at the front, top and one of the sides. The figure and contents are really only visible via the front window panel. The top and side windows really only serve to let in light. The front window panel is the largest of the window panels but it is still lacking in size when considering the contents. I'm not sure if they did this due to a stylistic approach or to prevent the box from becoming too weak.

The white backdrop works nicely with the artwork and other colors used. The pictures used show off the figure quite nicely from various profiles and if you note they angled her backside profile high enough to avoid showing off her panties. The box does look nice but you really don't have the option of leaving her in the box if you want to see what she has to offer as the packaging does get in the way.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight 670 grams
H: 331 mm
W: 221 mm
D: 191 mm

One thing I think you'll notice right away is that the figure box is quite big. However looking at the contents I don't really see how they could have made it any smaller without putting the safety of the figure at risk from damage. A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used to help keep the weight down but of course they probably did it to keep costs down. Protection does not suffer much as the lateral compression resistance is adequate. The front and rear compression resistance is less but still viable as long as the figure box is packaged appropriately. Weight is surprisingly not that much considering the size of both the packaging and figure. She should get to you safely but shipping costs could fluctuate depending on where she's being shipped to as well as the shipper.

The majority of the strength of the packaging was provided by the two piece blister. The two pieces were not only taped together but also fastened together by wire twist ties. The two pieces were securely fastened adding to the overall strength of the packaging. The tolerances on the pockets within the blisters were sufficient and the figure should not shift. A decent amount of plastic sheets was used to both cushion the figure but also protect from rubbing and paint transfer.

As you can see the blister pieces allow for an adequate level of deformation to hopefully slow down the crushing before it reaches the figure. As mentioned the two blister pieces are held together securely and it took some effort to separate the two pieces. I just don't see that happening by accident during shipping so the figure should be safe which is quite important due to the various delicate parts that could get damage if the figure were to shift during transport.

MaxFactory did a nice job on the packaging. The figure appears to be protected adequately by the measures taken such as the metal wire twist ties. Some effort would need to be made to damage the figure while in the packaging especially if packed adequately. The figure box looks good and highlights the features of the figure adequately. Shipping costs are a concern due to the size of the packaging. Weight isn't really a factor so it comes down to the size of the shipping box used which see your costs go up significantly. In any case expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Sculpting: 9.9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Sculpting credits go to Shining Wizard @ Sawachika. I'm still not sure if that is a person or team. Below you can see some of the other girls worked on by the wizard to give you an idea of what to expect. All of the wizard's past figures were with MaxFactory as well as future offerings.

She is 1/7th in scale and stands around 250 mm tall. Her sword measures over 200 mm long with the blade at around 160 mm. I don't know much about swords but that doesn't look like any samurai sword I've ever seen before. They did a very nice job simulating the metal and fashioned look on the surfaces. It really looks like a deadly blade honed to cleave and crush anything in the way of the heavy blade.

In any case let us move on to the main attraction.



She looks pretty good? Well, the pictures do not do her justice as she looks even better in person. Her presence easily commands your attention. The wizard did an amazing job as usual bringing the illustration to life. As you can see sculpting wise she's basically a perfect match. Let's start with her head.

They did a nice job on her face. She looks great from various profiles and you could see they stayed true to the style of the character design. Her sharp and angular features were quite distinctive making her side profiles stand out even more. This was further assisted by that long neck of hers. Now normally I would complain about her neck being way to long but considering the actual illustration depicted the same. I'd say the sculptor(s) kept with the artistic style quite nicely and faithfully so kudos from me. I've said it before but I'll say it again, sculpting wise they did a fantastic job keeping faithful to the source material. It really looks like they brought her to life from head to toe. The lines for her face are clean and seamless. I love the job they did on her mouth and nose.

They did a great job recreating her hair from the illustration. It looks like an almost perfect match. Her hair is nicely detailed and they integrated the seam lines you usually encounter with most figures into the hairstyle minimizing the disruption. Her hair looks amazing from various angles as it flutters in the wind whipping about her. The only real concern is her hair is fairly rigid and she will more than likely not survive a drop/fall so care should be taken. Also some of the strands are also quite sharp so watch your fingers.

Her sailor school uniform is almost a perfect match as well to the illustration down to her pointy-tailed bow. Look at the details and positioning of that bow as it is almost a perfect match to the illustration. It is somewhat flexible so it should resist damage but care should still be taken when holding her. The amount of attention put into those details just can't be missed. Look at the various wrinkles and folds as well as how the uniform conforms to the shape of her body underneath. You can actually make out her lovely physique through the uniform. I love the job they did on her harness especially the straps. The harness further accentuates her lovely figure through that tight fiting uniform. From all angles the uniform and her physique look great. Just details after details, excellent execution with no unsightly seams.

Looking at her left arm, I'm assuming the armor you see is part of a Kote and Tekko from a samurai armor set. However I can't narrow down which era the armor is from. Most of the armor people are used to seeing and associating with samurai armor do not look like that but instead much more crude in comparison. Some parts of the armor seem be present in the armor worn by samurai but other parts just seem to futuristic. Based on this I'm going to hazard a guess this is just an artistic amalgamation of historical and futuristic armor. Whether the armor is historically accurate or not you have to admit it looks great. The level of detail and presentation is superb and matches almost perfectly again with the illustration and character design. I love the job they did with the various straps/fasteners holding the various pieces of armor together. It looks functional as well as aesthetically pleasing with the asymmetrical presentation.

Moving on to the right arm that is not clad in armor. It is easier to see the arm and how long and sleek it is just like her other limbs. Her fingers are also long and dexterous to match those long limbs of hers. The hand is removable to allow the installation of another hand that can wield her sword. The tolerance on the mounting point is adequate and should be able to keep the hand with sword in place without concern of it falling out. Her hand seems to match up with the illustration except the turn on the hand seems to be slightly off when you try to match up the profile of the illustration. Then again it could just be the angle I tried to shoot her at.

Moving on down to her skimpy skirt which matches up nicely with the illustration as well. The execution on the details of her skirt were done very nicely and looks quite realistic. And since they are skimpy and you basically can't avoid seeing her panties.

She is wearing low rise panties which isn't that common on most figures. Due to their style you end up seeing a lot of her rear end exposed. From the front little is left to the imagination as you can see the imprint of her labia against the material. And from behind you can see her tightly clenched butt cheeks spilling out of those panties. The transition from her flesh to materials was executed very nicely and looks quite natural. The details that you can see through her panties really leave nothing to the imagination. I don't think you can deny that she has a butt that just won't quit. I'll definitely have to say those low rise panties work perfectly for her lovely physique and I almost wish the skirt was removable so I could see more of her hips and waist.

Moving on down to her stockings which just like the rest of her matches up nicely with the illustration. The thing that really caught my eye was the excellent job they did with the transition from her stockings to thighs. If you look at the design on the stockings things could have easily gone wrong as I have seen on numerous figures with less complex transition points. The transition from her flesh to stockings is seamless and quite natural. I love the detailing in her stockings and that knife and straps just makes her look hotter. The detailing on the handle is topnotch and quite realistic looking. The knife seems to be installed fairly securely but care should be taken as I can see it getting caught on something and being ripped or snapped off.

Looking at her legs you can see they match up again with the illustration quite nicely in regards to the sculpt. Look at the details where you can see the shape of her legs under the stockings quite easily. The definition and tone of her legs are easily visible and detailed. The same level of detail seen throughout the figure are put into her shoes as well. Every part of her looks good from various angles whether up close or far away. As hard as I looked I could not find any sculpting issues and the accuracy to the illustration can not be stated enough.

Whether a team or person, they deserve the moniker of wizard as she is pure magic with the level of detail they put into her. MaxFactory did a phenomenal job putting her together. The complexity of some of the transition points really surprised me on how well they handled it. From head to toe she her fit and finish was top notch. I really wish I could give a 10 in this area but if pressed for details her fingers and the lacing could use more refinement. But that is really about it in regards to improvements needed to justify a 10. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
MaxFactory usually does a competent job coloring their figures using all the tools available. This figure isn't any different as you can see below. Comparing the illustration this figure was based off of you can see they did a decent job of it. However at the same time you can see they were were off in at least one area. Look at her her stockings. If you note her stockings should be the same color as her bow and lacing but instead it is some other color. I have no idea why they did this? Basically everything else matches up in regards to bringing the illustration to life.






Taking a closer look at her you can see the attention to detail. Note the streak in her bangs just like the illustration. Her eyes were placed precisely and look accurate to the illustration. Her complexion matches up as well. Her mouth was colored precisely and contrasts nicely with the rest of her face. Her hair isn't one flat color. They used shading and a glossy finish that just adds to the overall presentation giving her hair a lot of depth and dimension. I love the way the light plays off her shiny hair.

Her sailor uniform is just as detailed. It isn't just a plain white but a mix of subtle shades accentuating the details. The use of tinting was strategic and appropriate while the majority of the figure was airbrushed and painted. Look at the white striping on the uniform which was painted very precisely. The various metal pieces on her uniform was also hand painted and quite precisely. Her gauntlet looks fantastic and I can't get enough of looking at the colors and textures.

The use of decals was limited but where they were used was appropriate. You can see the decals at the end of her right sleeve and at the v-neck opening of her uniform. There was also one for her armband. I can't tell if the streak in her hair is a decal or not. Her eyes seem to be a mix of stamping and decals especially the iris and pupil due to the shiny/glossy finish on them.

Moving on to legs you can see they did a lovely job with her flesh. Shading and accents were used to assist with the transition from her flesh to her stockings and panties. It really looked like she was wearing those panties and they brought out the details quite nicely with the way they breathed life into her flesh. As mentioned the only real coloring "issue" is the stockings in regards to the illustration. However even the prototype showed the same coloring so it isn't really any surprise I guess. Note the shading used in her stockings to bring out the details further which worked perfectly with the sculpting to show off her definition and muscle tone in her long shapely legs. Look at the faded/worn look on the sheath of her knife. It really looks like a well used equipment not something worn for decoration.

For the most part MaxFactory did a great job coloring her. She matches up fairly well with the illustration as they brought her to life. As mentioned the only real "issue" is her stockings do not match the other "reds" on her like the illustration but it shouldn't be a surprise since the prototype had the same. Aside from that they did a fantastic job. Expectations were basically met.

Posing: 9.9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
I don't think anymore needs to be said than to let the pictures do the talking. If you look below you can see the wizard did an almost perfect recreation of the illustration. Now note my angle on the figure is slightly off so the fingers do not match up exactly but it looks like the wizard brought the illustration to life. This is probably the best recreation I have seen to date on any figure based off of an illustration. Some of the past few girls that ranked up there in this regard was also by the wizard. I just can't wait for the next girls the wizard works on just for this alone. The wizard successfully in my opinion recreated Shirow Miwa's work almost perfectly.

You basically have two display options. With the sword or without to match the illustration. It would be such a waste to not use the sword but I am tempted to get another to just display her both ways. She looks best displayed near eye level or above. The preference is above so you can get a better view of her face and her hair blowing about but also if you want to get a view of her detailed low rise panties. 8Þ

Not much to say here. They did a near perfect job recreating the illustration. Short of Shirow Miwa working on her I don't think you can get any closer. I am really tempted to give a 10 in this area but as mentioned the color of the stockings prevent me from doing it... Expectations were met and exceeded.

Base: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
A good figure with a bad base is still a good figure but a good figure with a good base is even better. I'd say this figure is the latter. You can actually see they put some effort into the base. The surface is actually textured and looks like a rough cement/concrete surface that fits well with the theme of the character fighting in a concrete jungle. The foot pegs are sturdy and thick with little chance of breaking. The base is just big enough for the figure and you still have plenty of display options in regards to the footprint. The mounting points are stable and her legs are strong. There is little chance of wobbling or leaning. The logo on the base again support the theme of the figure and contrast very nicely with the concrete standing out when you look upon her.

The base gets the job done and looks good at the same time. It is sturdy and stable and supports the theme of the character quite nicely. Expectations were met.

Enjoyment: 9.9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Enjoyment of a figure is subjective to each person. For the purposes of this review, "enjoyment" is my belief of whether the figure was worth the expense of acquiring her or not. Taking into the fact that in regards to the sculpt the accuracy to the illustration is probably the best I have seen to date on any figure. The high level of and attention to detail of the figure from head to toe. The precision with which this figure was colored and the nice looking yet sturdy and stable base. I have to say she was definitely worth what I paid and I do not regret getting her. As mentioned I'm quite tempted to get another so I can display her both ways. I can't wait to see what the wizard has cooking up next. Expectations were met and exceeded.

See you later.
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iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
I actually think the posing is cooler in the sculpt than the illustration.
7 лет назад
GSLinux Love coding, video & figures!
Fantastic review as always. I have two, so I display her with and without the sword. It sure looks fantastic when you see them. You should definitely get another one, won't regret it. ^^

Thank you very much for the review.
8 лет назад
Muntoe8 лет назад#1285994It's right on GSC's website: www.goodsmile.i...
8 лет назад
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
It's right on GSC's website: www.goodsmile.i...

Great review as always! I think this figure is beautiful but her neck is so off-putting for me, even if it is faithful to the original illustration.
8 лет назад
jwan19968 лет назад#1285986Name's Katanako (刀子).. :x

Makes sense but just want to make sure you're sure? Where did you find it?
8 лет назад
Name's Katanako (刀子).. :x
8 лет назад
This one really stands out among my purchases this year, the detailing is so crisp and the proportions really make it unique among my other figures. An interesting point concerning the different color on her stockings. Thinking about it, my bet is that they tried copying the shade during prototyping, and found that the vivid red color, when applied to a figure, overwhelmed the more subdued colors on the rest of the figure. It would draw attention unevenly to the feet.
8 лет назад
Nice review! I hope to get her some day.
8 лет назад
Strife212 Original Blue
I completely forgot this was Shirow Miwa. Now I think about it it's pretty obvious, explains a lot :D
8 лет назад
Oh wow, GREAT review! I'm glad I caved and ordered her while still available; I hope that seeing her in real life will not make me regret it. Though judging from your review, chances for that to happen are close to none.
8 лет назад
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