My fellow self-shippers! I have questions!My fellow self-shippers! I have questions!Diary

BroserpinaBroserpina6 дней назад
Hello, my fellow self-shippers of MFC!

What is your favorite figure/merch of your fictional other (FO)?

I'll go first! :D

In a perfect world, Guzma from Pokemon and I are married because I have questionable taste in fictional men. He unfortunately doesn't have an figures (y e t), so my favorite piece of merch is probably this t-shirt! On top of it being made from a very comfortable fabric, I love the color combination in the print and of course his cool pose~ As someone who loves fashion, it's a really fun piece to integrate into my daily wardrobe! But it also gives me some anxiety when I do wear it because it was such a limited release item. ;~;
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12%Cringe is dead
67%I am cringe, but I am free
2%I'm gonna let people add options but if ya'll start being mean I'm removing the poll
3%I love you for this,
3%Rick roll link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPYZpwSpKmA
7%I am cringe but I am not free
1%MFC has changed.
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LittlePisces3 дня назад#120160186Your account is 5 months old, youngster.

Broserpina4 дня назад#120159076I absolutely agree with Claudine. This thread is just full of people sharing something that makes them happy. Isn't that what this website's all about? :)

This is my alt account to consolidate my collection. My main account is 7 years old.

But that's not particularly relevant to my point. Which is that MFC has changed.
3 дня назад
Penenko5 дней назад#120104889What has happened to MFC? Your account is 5 months old, youngster.
3 дня назад
BunnyAngelMaid Miyuki みゆき
Atm i selfship secretly instead openly, but this Article makes me happy, I love ENTRY #26521 https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/12/20/3386628.gifand probably this figure is my fav ITEM #359293 , i also start having feelings for this cutie ENTRY #305171https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/12/20/3386633.gif but he doesn't have anything atm!
3 дня назад
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
Penenko5 дней назад#120104889What has happened to MFC?Claudine4 дня назад#120105957Don't think much changed on the front of people having fun and being themselves.I absolutely agree with Claudine. This thread is just full of people sharing something that makes them happy. Isn't that what this website's all about? :)
4 дня назад
I wouldn't say I'm really a self shipper, but I do have some hazubandos.

Number 1 husband is definitely ENTRY #150575 Tanigaki from Golden Kamuy. I love him to death <3
My fave merch of him is probably ITEM #1378438 this honkin huge thing. This ITEM #1388655 acrylic stand is probably another favorite because it's just so dumb and funny. I'm also very pleased with ITEM #724080 this cute little one. I hope he'll eventually get a scale or nendoroid but I kind of doubt it unfortunately.
4 дня назад
*sobs in otome fan*

anyways, I love this Nicola stand: ITEM #765466
I do have a full body acrylic stand of him but I can't find it on the site. it doesnt help that the source material is super obscure and I'm just too lazy to deep dive, lol.
I also have an official body pillow of him that I love dearly but once again, cannot find!

now, for my favorite husbando figures...

this one: ITEM #739690 I dont even play Fate. I just love Arthur and his design, and I love that figure. I think that's reason enough for him to be my husbando.

additionally, this: ITEM #1086620 THE SCRUNKLY THE SILLY he's gorgeous and I love him sosososo much

maybe not a figure, or even an acrylic stand, but I'm very happy to say that I own this: ITEM #575358 so I can smell like one of my other husbandos. :,)

theres so many otome acrylic figures I want.

and for the hell of it, why not these tapestries of my favorite bachelors that I really want? ITEM #571841 ITEM #670158 ITEM #671636
4 дня назад
Claudine4 дня назад#120105957Don't think much changed on the front of people having fun and being themselves.

Not like this.
4 дня назад
ITEM #1123075 Is my favorite <3
4 дня назад
One of my loves is Sonico and I absolutely adore this fabric poster ITEM #181680 !! I was so excited when I saw a listing with it and had to buy it. But I do adore every figure I have of her. The poster just has...a certain feeling to it. It's so big and looks amazing! (♡˙︶˙♡)

My other love is Zhongli ENTRY #224451 but he only has an announced figure so far. ☆o(><;)○ However I have a few plushies and a bodypillow cover, which are def my faves!! I also have a fanmade print in a shelf because I saw it at a con once. (*ノωノ) I wish to collect as much merch of him as possible, hehe~ He and Sonico give me a lot of comfort.
4 дня назад
lunarlemons Danmei obsessed ♡˖⁺
RelaxedTime_4044 дня назад#120117691Ahhh omg look at pretty man holy shit that looks so good framed! I am always here for fellow Dimitri simps i didnt play 3 hopes but Dimitri is always Dimitri ♡
i have THIS FUCKING THING coming and my dumbass didnt realize the size so thats why im taking down all my prints i have left so i just have one of him on my wall. I gotta pull it back haha. But i also have my dakis and plushies of him I refuse to get rid of. mans changed my life what can I say

Omg that’s a big beautiful boi! He’s gonna look gorgeous.
4 дня назад
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