Orchid Seed defly back on AmiAmi intl.Orchid Seed defly back on AmiAmi intl.Misc

ffenrisffenris7 лет назад
So, having seen some Orchid Seed items back on the AmiAmi intl page (also pointed out in BLOG #5535), I figured I'd write them and ask to confirm. I asked them this:


Looks like the Orchid Seed items are back on your international page! If you could confirm that this is the case, that would be very good news indeed ^_^.


and got the following reply:


Thank you for mailing us.

We are very happy to say that Orchid Seed items are once again available on our English site. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,


So yeah, since I didn't see any other official confirmations on here, figured I'd post the good news :)
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Wayfinder ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ【世田谷区】
Interesting! I wonder if Orchid Seed dropped their request or whether Amiami simply decided that the request had no bite since nobody else really complied. The Western distributors who originally asked that Orchid Seed make the request probably won't be too happy, but to be honest if they can't figure a business model that levels the price advantage with something else (they're still getting stock at wholesale rates after all) then they might want to look at paths other than "whinge the competition out of our market" anyway.
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