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Have you ever bought a single figure, or one from a series, that you figured was going to take a spot in your all time favourites...but is just sort of there instead? I don't mean that you ended up disliking it, but it wasn't as beloved as you thought it'd be.

ITEM #52715 has it all: the colour, the pose, the expression, and she even comes with a painful punch to the gut in the form of a mini fairy sidekick figure (THANKS MEGAHOUSE). And yet...and yet...she's not a favourite. In fact, ITEM #78366 ended up being my favourite from the Megahouse 1/8 scale Heartcatch PreCure series, which hit me out of left field!

Don't get me wrong, I adore her! She's positively gorgeous, and I would certainly be shedding some tears if anything happened to her...but I just can't place her in my favourites. I can't even seem to pinpoint why. Maybe it's the flatness of the hair, or how she sits on the base, or perhaps the irises are too big. Whatever the case, as astounding as she is, she never took the place in my heart I thought she would.

Which figures did you guys end up purchasing that could never quite make it into your favourites? Can you understand why, or is it something you can't really explain?
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FakePsychotropic1 день назад#98613775Then why do you keep getting nendos?

I don’t buy nendos odten I only usually get ones of characters that I absolutely love especially if they have varies different accessories that are nostalgic to the show. Other than that reason I don’t really buy them for just any character.
22 часа назад
HEyy1 день назад#98605786Definitely my quintessential quintuplets figures I like the show and is one of the few shows that displays a harem that I enjoy but I’m not impressed with the pop up parades and the more nendos I get the more I want to yeet everyone of them in my collection out of the window…so ya

Then why do you keep getting nendos?
1 день назад
Definitely my quintessential quintuplets figures I like the show and is one of the few shows that displays a harem that I enjoy but I’m not impressed with the pop up parades and the more nendos I get the more I want to yeet everyone of them in my collection out of the window…so ya
1 день назад
A figure I thought I'd love was ITEM #155227 since she's my favorite Sailor Senshi but while I do like her a lot she's honestly just kind of meh compared to the other senshi.

On the other hand, ITEM #802593 is a figure I was not expecting to be one of my favorites! He's tons of fun to pose and I love all the different parts he comes with! (I also learned a while back a lot of people have issues with his arms always falling out but luckily for me mine doesn't have this issue)
1 день назад
Hmm.. I don't think so. All of my most anticipated figures quality control was good so they arrived in my hands looking great. I suppose if QC was ever an issue I would become super disappointed with the purchase.
1 день назад
For me it's ITEM #530086. I bought it on Amiami sale, but I really liked the 2017 Racing Miku design and had been wanting it since it was announced on pre-order.

She's very cute but I think the reason she's not become a favourite is that I was disappointed with how GSC did the translucent hair on the ends. My copy has some slight "bubbles" in parts of the translucent bit, and the colour is not as vibrant compared to the illustration. Maybe the hair would look better under full lighting,but I don't feel that should make or break a figure :/ In the end I would have preferred if they didn't make the hair translucent and took the same approach as ITEM #549644

She's still a very nice figure and the quality is fantastic otherwise, but for a scale she was underwhelming compared to my expectations. I only have 3 scales in my collection, and as my 2nd I think this figure made me much more cautious on purchasing them afterwards.
1 день назад
ITEM #919652

This Grimmjow scale is extremely well-done and Megahouse thought of painting the nipple, but I'm long done with Bleach, I finished the anime 10years+ ago... I was really happy upon receiving him but the hype went off real quick and now I'm trying to sell him because I'd rather give the space to another scale I like better.

Maybe I should rewatch Bleach lol
2 дня назад
I still love most of my figures. I'm a pretty picky person, so I take a lot of care in choosing to buy one.

However, there is one that end up becoming way more useful than I expected.

ITEM #310359

This posture is pretty rare within my collection. Whenever I am drawing an unusual angle that have a character's all four limbs come into close contact with each other, this figure save me SO MUCH time (and brain energy) for just existing so I can observe it in all sort of angles. This figure is practically paying for herself. The biggest deal is that she is not attached to a base, so you can pick her up and angle her however u like at a moment notice.
2 дня назад
Literally all that I have right now.
2 дня назад
Definitely ITEM #806310

I thought she'd be a favorite, but the one I got had a somewhat lackluster paintjob and her hair wasn't positioned correctly. Good Smile sent me a replacement, but it too has a less-than-stellar paintjob.
2 дня назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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