Big Figures: What takes up the most space in your collection?Big Figures: What takes up the most space in your collection?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari2 дня назад
Well rearranged things to help gain space for Prize Figures that are coming in and found myself wondering what takes up the most space in this collection and the more I look around the collection a lot of the Vehicles that are here take up a lot of the shelf space due to them being long and some take up half of the shelves here.

One of my Grails in this collection is ITEM #44543 misplaced the Vfin and I'll have to search a lot of the room to find that part since it was misplaced when I took it off the shelf a month or so ago to put it in storage since it was taking up a lot of space on top of one of my bookshelves.


The GP03 is one of the rarer pieces in the collection and it's pretty heavy for a figure plus the Beam Rifle Barrel is long and that takes up most of the space on the shelf, there is enough space on this shelf for Prize Figures and this one piece is one of my favorites here and I missed having it on display.

ITEM #49498 and ITEM #48418 as well as the other Mospeada Legioss/Treads here in the collection take up a fair amount of shelf space for being large and in the combined form takes up a lot of space, some of the larger items are my Grails here the Mospeada Legioss/Tread is another one of my Grails.


The Largest Vehicles here are the large scale X-Wing fighters and the Gi Joe X-19 Stealth Fighter, but the biggest piece in the collection is my Holy Grail of Collecting the Gi Joe Defiant Launch Complex.


The Defiant Launch Complex is a lot taller too when it's Opened up into Launch Configuration.


The taller items in this collection are mainly the 1/4th scale NECA 1990 TMNT Turtles and the Mattel Collector Club Voltron set. -Also the Vintage Star Wars Rebel Transport takes up a fair amount of space too and the large Black Series Rebel Snowspeeder takes up more space too.


I love large Vehicles and toys and they are super cool to me, they stand out and catch my eye faster than smaller items and have always loved having a lot of them in this collection.


What takes up the most space in your collection?

What is the largest figure in your collection?
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ITEM #42037 takes up a lot of room both height and width-wise. Also ITEM #672279, she’s very beautiful but she is W I D E. ITEM #27727 and ITEM #90040 both have keyboards so they are a bit on the wider side as well. Surprisingly, my only 1/4 ITEM #61414 doesn’t take up too much room.
1 день назад
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmm some of my 1/4 bunnies or my doll. Both are huge.ITEM #669992
ITEM #13534
But also maple as she's 1/2. ITEM #982
1 день назад
Mostly some unlicensed resin statues, but my biggest figures I can actually link here are Ainz: ITEM #739714, Miku with You 2019: ITEM #907280, Crystal Dress Rem and Emilia: ITEM #929486 and ITEM #929485, and soon to be Joker: ITEM #945996. I'm not typically drawn to bigger figures just for practicality reasons, but sometimes the over-the-top figures just call my name. Sometimes you just want that eye-catching piece to stand out. I'd really like a big over-the-top Sebastian figure, but I haven't come across one.
1 день назад
ITEM #396826 she takes up 1/2 of one of my Detolfs.
1 день назад
I mainly collect 1/12-1/10 scale so most of my figures are pretty small. If we're talking strictly import figures, my biggest is ITEM #520671 at 9.75". Including American figures, my biggest is DC Collectibles Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy at over 13".
1 день назад
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Always great to see your Joe Defiant mixed in with your other stuff - that is an awesome piece.
1 день назад
My biggest Statue would be ITEM #497820

At least as far as official figures go.

I have one of Usopp (One Piece) which is unlicensed and kinda as big as Alphonse. XD
1 день назад
This bad girl ITEM #464829 has the tip of her standard touch the upper shelf in one of my Detolfs, and the flow of her gonfalon makes her quite wide. She basically takes up 2/3 of the shelf.
2 дня назад
ITEM #396908 is definitely the tallest, but my biggest space-waster has to be the Eurojank 2077 Collector's Edition statue - the base on that thing is absolutely huge and the bike sticks out quite a bit, all of which makes it pretty hard to find a space for it.
2 дня назад
I ended up selling my largest figures to make room for my first 1/4 scale, and a few others that will be really big like shibuya scramble red emilia, and next purple and purple heart
2 дня назад
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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