Travel ban in my country cockblock me from selling and sendingovTravel ban in my country cockblock me from selling and sendingovDiary

smegmansmegman14 дней назад
So with the travel ban for Government post office I can't send package with the cheapest shipping fee possible

Meanwhile private couriers like Lbc are asking for insane prices

Eg. Philpost is around $50 to USA
While Lbc is a whopping $140 to USA

And I feel embarrass to ask my buyers a shipping fee more expensive than what they're buying.

I'll continue looking for a cheaper way, to anyone in the PH that can give me an advice, feel free
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11 дней назад
This is why I am not selling anything right now ):
13 дней назад
I'm sorry to hear this, it sounds like a terrible situation. If you can afford to wait I would say don't sell anything right now. But if you need to move some merch then I would start looking at trying to sell more locally. Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Craigslist are what we use in the states, I'm not sure where you're located but I know that every country has their own sites for selling at the local level.

Good luck with your selling!
14 дней назад
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.

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