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  • All of mine have finally landed. One of the SAL parcels was smushed pretty bad, with some damage to the figure boxes, but the figures were OK. My Balalaika EMS was a nasty surprise -- while the exterior packaging looked perfectly fine and there were lots and lots of packing peanuts within, the figure accessories had breakage and the figure showed wear and tear, possibly preowned? Anyway, I have taken photos and written to Play-Asia, hope to get a quick response from them.
    7 лет назад
    My very first order was three figures at once. The biggest since then has been 2 at once.
    7 лет назад
    abi7 лет назад#1171016Not sure if the day when I got several shipments the same time was this:picture/368966&... ... but defintely the great part of having many shipments it is when they finally arrive ^_^ ...

    Indeed, the unboxing is almost as much a part of this hobby as the actual figures themselves :)

    Lot's of people in the 3-5 packages bracket. I guess that eventually happens with enough preorders + discount temptations + sudden wishlist discoveries etc ... I salute the 10+ folks, though.

    Of my current lot, one of 'em has landed (ITEM #15686), 4 more to go.
    7 лет назад
    sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
    Right now, actually. Haha. I've had 3 orders in the last two months- ITEM #53, ITEM #80601, and my first ever smartphone (HTC One V).

    Got the figures and my phone was shipped during the second one's journey. lol.
    7 лет назад
    mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
    Not figures, little items bought from friends and ebay and MFC peeps, but I think I had 7 packages on the way to me once. I think 7 is the most I've had. 4 is the most I've actually had delivered on a single day.
    7 лет назад
    4, 2 boxes from AmiAmi a box from ebay and a box from an MFC member

    Ebay Shipment: ITEM #30661

    MFC Shipment: ITEM #4329

    AmiAmi Shipments Both EMS: BLOG #4691
    7 лет назад
    I had 6 in July this year.
    -3 AmiAmi
    --One fragile item, wanted EMS for the insurance. The other two were too big to fit in a SAL box together, so I shipped one via airmail (hadn't used it yet, wanted to try it) and one via SAL
    -1 HLJ: a bunch of prize figs, pencil boards, etc. for a friend's birthday present
    Non-figure related:
    -1 TaoBao order of clothes, wigs, etc.
    -1 F21 order

    I hadn't planned on most of them being in July. The Taobao order I made a few months earlier, just took until then for my SS to receive everything. The F21 order was spontaneous, they had a really good sale and I was able to get nine pieces of clothing for $60. Birthday gift was last-minute, was originally going to get her something else, and one of the AmiAmi items was one of those "delayed forever" things.
    7 лет назад
    RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    I don't think I've ever had more than five at once. Well, not really counting Right Stuf or Play-Asia orders/preorders, because they'll often send items to me one or two at a time, depending on what they have in stock. I most recently got four parcels from Right Stuf; add in another from Hobby Search, and I got five packages total last week, same as hatandsandals :D
    7 лет назад
    Not sure if the day when I got several shipments the same time was this:picture/368966&... ... but defintely the great part of having many shipments it is when they finally arrive ^_^ ... for now, I'm waiting for 2 packages, one from BiJ, and other from HS, plus a nendo I still have to pick up from other user from here. And still will have more in the way, as I'm waiting for some October releases.
    7 лет назад
    kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
    ffenris7 лет назад#1170938Ah, it would raise eyebrows at work if I kept getting packages from Japan, so I ship them home. Of course, that in turn prompts nosy questions from some of my neighbours, but that I can handle.

    Hehe xD Everyone at work knows I'm a collector :P It's lucky, I don't need to explain anything when I bring 5 boxes that almost equal my height up to my floor :P
    7 лет назад
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