Let's Review: Figma 463 Arthur Pendragon (A.K.A Brober)Let's Review: Figma 463 Arthur Pendragon (A.K.A Brober)Review

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Many years ago, when I was but Zoids Fanatic 1.0 I made an article that went along the lines of, "hey, wouldn't is be cool if Saber Prototype got a Figma? I sure think so!". To sum up what the community at large said at that point was, to put it nicely, no. Apparently I'm ahead of everyone else then, cause now we have Arthurs galore! So, with that said,


Today we'll be reviewing Figma 463 Arthur Pendragon. A.K.A Saber Prototype. A.K.A Brober. A.K.A A Hot Slab of Hunk With a Side of Hunk on a Platter of Hunk. Mhmmmmmm... hunky. Sorry, lost my train of thought. Where was I? Oh, right, reviewing Hunkber... I mean Brober... I mean Arthur.


First we have the box. And it's a rather big box. Almost reminds me of a certain other set of Fate Figmas we got. Deep breaths, ZoidsFanatic 2.0, deep breaths. Anyhow, it's a big box but despite the size there isn't much in it. On a side note, my bird Tommy likes Arthur.


Oh, never mind he just wants to chew on the plastic.


So out of the box and what do we have? Well it's a modern day Figma so the answer is not nearly enough. You get four sets of hands without any unique hands, two swords, a cape, a hood, an alternative hair piece, three face plates, and then the stand, instructions, spare joint, etc. For the price you're paying (mine was a little over ninty dollars) you would expect some more stuff in the box.


But we've been down that rant more then enough times, and for once I'm not that angry on the lack of accessories, because Arthur makes up for it in engineering!


Arthur's quality is superb, with crisp paint apps, all his parts fit together, none of his joints stick... basically he's good. I think you may have gotten the hint, but he's good! So let's look at some other specifics. Like the ability to switch between cape, hoodie, and hoodie down.


The front chest piece is removable, and features two peg holes in the torso and two on the front plate. So, select what you want and peg it in. That being said, to use the hood you'll need the special flat hair piece. The hood is a rubbery material and the spare head slips right in.


And voila! His head fits on without any issue! The cape... is another issue. Now the cape is fine-ish, made of a soft and rubbery plastic, but it just doesn't want to stay in place unlike the hoodie. And the clearance is really tight.


This is a minor quibble, but hey. It's a review. What's the point of praising a figure if I can't quibble about it either? Now, going back to positives, his skirt. A lot of older Figmas... or newer Figmas have ridged skirts that don't allow much flexibility. We call these "traffic cones". As you can see from my pictures, Arthur has no such issue. The back skirt pieces are hinged, while the front piece is a rubbery plastic that don't get in the way. Meanwhile, the side metal flap-thingies, which I'm sure have a name, are also on hinges and can move with the skirt.

Remember what I said about engineering? Hooo yeah, he has it. His shoulders are a double ball joint and while this might make a noticeable gap, it does allow for a greater range of articulation. His torso is also on a ball joint, but isn't very loose. You get a nice range of motion, and also let me add he's steady. No issue with falling over no matter the poses I put him in.

So that's the technical side of things. How about the aesthetic? How well does he compare with other knightly and armored Fate Figmas? Well... favorably as you might expect.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/08/14/2495439.jpegThis was suppose to be a cool action shot. In reality it looks more like "No, Mordred, we are not going to McDonalds after we save the world".

So if you're like me and are completely fucking mental really like the idea of Arthur acting more like Mordred's "dad" then her actual father-mother, then you'll be pleased to hear these two really pose well together and are great for action shots. Hell, pick your favorite Saber to throw in and play the game of "Which Father Is The Real Father".


So, why pose him with Jalter? Well, cutting a long story short I pair them up and am the only person to do so. Gameplay and lore wise, Jalter's ability does boost Arthur (he's a "dragon" after all) and Jalter does want a harem of hunky men. So why not Arthur? I mean, outside of me being completely fucking mental wacky.

So I think I covered all the major points with him. He's fun to play with, fun to pose, looks really nice, but is hampered with his high price point. And really that's the one major flaw. But, that's a dead horse topic so we'll skip it. Personally, this is the kind of Figma that makes me stick with the line even if I constantly give Max Factory (well-deserved IMO) grief.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm ZF2, signing off. Enjoy the 1990s again.
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ZF2 Being Right
Costing Too Much


Super nice review and you're making me hype so hard for my hunker Arthur figma who will be coming in a few months or so. I hope I'll see him before 2021.. _(:3」∠)_

Nice taste: 11/10
1 месяц назад
Very cool review here, Zoids.

Arthur is one if my all-time favorite Sabers along with Siegfried, it's great to see he's got a worthy Figma, although I see the mantle is just like it is on the scale: a pain in the ass to put it on the figure.

I think Jeanne and Arthur make a nice duo, be they their light or dark selves, with nice yin-yang options.
1 месяц назад
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