Odin Sphere Velvet  [YAMATO GK .Ver]Odin Sphere Velvet [YAMATO GK .Ver]Diary

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amuro_hamuro_h1 месяц назад
Hello, I'm Niurouwang(amuro_h)from Niurouwang no Garden(ENTRY #108262).
For more works, please see my website amuro-h.jimdo.c... and I will update it to MFC slowly

Three words describe this set of God sculptures

Although it's an old kit 10 years ago, it's the best prototype I've ever seen, ranging from material to finger print

This painting, in order to achieve a lot of results, took a long time

Based on the reference to the original painting, we don't do 2-dimensional painting. How to reflect the texture of each part is the focus of this time


大家好 我是牛肉王城的牛肉王(amuro_h)


三个字形容这套件 神原型

虽然是10年前的老件 但是是我见过的最好的原型 大到衣服的材质小到手指的纹路


基本在参考原画的基础上 不做2次元涂装,如何体现各部质感是这次的重点


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Japanese OK
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I just got this figure, 3 words to describe it, Oh My God, that is all.
1 месяц назад
Your panting skills is amazing and made Velvet into a stunning figure!

Also your photography is great as usual!!
1 месяц назад
Once again, your paint looks incredibly well-done. I hope you continue to share with us.
1 месяц назад
Wow! Amazing!
I have the prepainted version of this by Flare and I love it but its paint work doesn't compare to this. Stunning!
1 месяц назад
She is gorgeous. Far superior to the prepainted factory version. I forgot Odin Sphere was that old, most of the figures from it are fairly recent.
1 месяц назад

1 месяц назад
Your pictures are very beautiful. My favorite part about this figure is her back and stomach paint job ... and her hands, they are done masterfully. Thank you for sharing!
1 месяц назад
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