Random buys and gifts loot! September 2019 - January 2020Random buys and gifts loot! September 2019 - January 2020Loot

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Welcome to another combined loot of mine, where I put a lot of random smaller buys, gifts and happenings to make one blog! For my previous one see: BLOG #46071 , this one will continue where the last one stopped. I will talk about things I acquired and did from Augustus 2019 to January 2020. Corona ramble: I want to extra mention that these are older pictures from the 'before' times. I am staying indoors as much as possible at this moment and hope to be able to do fun days out again in 2021.

Another personal note: These were my last few months before emigrating to a new country (from my home country the Netherlands to my new country Finland), this will be referenced multiple times during the blog~

Let's get to it!

Helsinki visit

This short vacation to Helsinki took place in September 2019, while my husband and I were still on the edge to decide if we would go for a full emigration to Finland (or not). Also, let me put that out there as a general note: In September it's very common to rain in Finland, almost all of my days there it was raining for at least a big part of the day and we had to change a lot of our plans last minute. If you want to visit beautiful Helsinki, please do it in basically every other month of the year. Somewhere between May and August if you want the long days with almost all non-disappearing sun and basically every other month for winter weather, especially December to February if you want to see the heaviest winter.

As it's off topic, everything (except for the anime related part) is in spoiler. I try to keep it short, but even when filtering all my pictures I always have way too much!

Day 0: Travelling to Helsinki Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерAs I was limited in the amount of days I could get off from work, I worked a full day and then took the plane in the evening. This meant I arrived in Finland in the middle of the night.


Mandatory airplane picture.


Something that SUPER impressed me about Finland was the main bus terminal. It had these lines for people wanting to go in and out of the bus and signs with details about every bus that would arrive. It felt futuristic!

Day 1: Visit to Korkeasaari Zoo Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер


The day started with a nice breakfast at a local coffee place.


Korkeasaari is a very special zoo as it's located on it's own island! As it was extremely windy this day, it was a bit less fun to reach the island, though.

The zoo has a lot of different types of enclosures and animals, but it's not a huge zoo. In one day you can visit all animals plus even a couple of doubles if you want.



As it was raining on and off during the day, a lot of the animals were in hiding.


The tropical indoor places are very neat!


It was the first time I saw a sloth in person! I walked by the sloth at 3 different times during the day, but it never changed it's position (not very surprising, huh?).



Lots of smaller monkey types!






My new camera was really paying off with all these smaller animals!



Feeding time for these cute marmot/groundhog-type animals.




There were cute fennec foxes! But they moved so fast that this was the only decent picture I was able to make.


The rain stopped, so we could check out some more of the outside animals.



The zoo restaurant was in a very cute traditional Finnish house.


Depending on where you were walking outside, you would be reminded that you are actually still on an island.



This adorable bear was just snoozing around~



I'm sure this island location must be even more stunning in summer, so I hope to revisit the zoo one day again.


You can see the Helsinki city center in the distance.


There were multiple bigger bird of prey types as well.


The zoo is also famous for having red pandas and wow, are these little guys fast!!! I went to the enclosure at 3 different times during the day and only once I saw them. It took me a very long time to get one of them on camera like this as well!

They are adorable and very playful animals! I hope to visit them again one day!



Probably my favorite picture of the day! What a cutie!


For the people not convinced yet that Finnish is a very hard language to learn...


Probably the sharpest picture I managed to take with my new camera up until that point.


After the zoo we went to the local supermarket and...Finnish people really love their salmiakki (a type of licorice)! You actually have to watch out with buying things, because packaging in my home country that would be for chocolate types of flavors (black and brown colors), are almost all salmiakki here!


We ended the day with a Taco Bell meal, which may not sound so exciting, but Taco Bell locations are pretty rare in Europe, so it was my first time there. I was surprised at how affordable it is compared to basically every other food place in this area!

Day 2: Helsinki City Center: Main plaza and churches, city museum and botanical gardens Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер


Started the day with a curry with bread and salad~ A very heavy breakfast, but a good one! And we knew a long day of walking was ahead!


We had our umbrella ready for the day...


The view outside of the restaurant after the rain was over was very nice!

I made way too many pictures, so I'll try to keep it short:


Inside of the main church.



Very cool interactive exhibit at the city museum.



Recreating 'the old days' of Helsinki.


Main plaza.



Practicing with my telephoto lens~


Lots of very cute and very round birds here!


Even though every Finnish person will tell you 'Finland is flat', there is a huge amount of rocks where buildings are build on top of. As I'm from a country where almost everything is below sea level and incredibly flat, this is super impressive to me.


The city has a very cute building style, which was different than what I personally expected. It seems a bit of a mix of Eastern European and Russian architecture.


There is lots of water around the city and it's super cool to randomly walk into these kinds of views.


I was very much looking forward to the visit of the botanical gardens as I always love making pictures of flowers.


What amazed me was the huge amount of poisonous plants (with matching signs) in the garden. I'm not the type to randomly start touching plants, but it's a bit weird how some of these signs weren't super visible and an accidental touch would have been easy...

I'll just make the rest a picture dump:











Meanwhile on the sign: YOU WILL DIE IF YOU TOUCH THIS.




We ended our day at the 'Hesburger' a Finnish hamburger fast food chain that over here has an even bigger share than McDonalds. Local people also told us to try out Hesburger at least once and...to be honest we found it pretty disappointing. I do think I want to try it again at another point with different types of burgers and sides if some others are better.


For 'dessert' we picked up some drinks from the local supermarket. I'm always intrigued to try out new soda types and these battery packagings are so cute! And of course there is also a licorice flavor...


There is even a cute '+' at the lid!


And for some vitamin boost, I also wanted to try out a drink from the 'Jungle Juice' franchise that is pretty popular around here.

Day 3: Moomin Cafe and a walk at the port area.

As it's related to the Moomin anime and I know a lot of people here like Moomins, I'll keep the Moomin part out of the spoiler!

The Moomins (also known as Mumin) ENTRY #14322 originated as children's books by a Swedish-Finnish author. The creatures are actually forest trolls, living in the Finnish woods. The first tv-versions of their stories already started in 1959, and the first collaboration with Japan for a Moomin anime was in 1969-1970. However, the Moomins became worldwide known with the 1990-1991 anime that got translated and released in many countries.

The Moomins franchise is huge here in Finland and in and around Helsinki you will find lots of Moomin merchandise and not one, but two Moomin Cafes! There is also a Moomin World theme park when you travel more up North into the country (still on my list to do here).

Anyway, today is the visit to the Moomin Cafe located in the eastern part of the city, as it aligned nicely with the plans for the pier area walk we wanted to do for the day.

I wasn't completely sure what to expect. The 'themed cafes' from my home country I have visited have been very disappointing. However, the Finnish Moomin Cafes were made in collaboration with the Japanese Moomin Cafes and from Japanese themed cafes we know the quality can be very high. So let's find out!




The walk from the metro to the cafe had so much pretty buildings, I have to show that as well!


Here we are!


We ordered at the register and took a look around the cafe while we waited for the preparation (everything is cooked/baked in-house)!



We came very early (arrived there a couple of minutes after opening time), so there weren't much other people. It only got busy around the time our food was ready.




The food was here! We went for a very big brunch as we needed to be ready for a long walk in the afternoon!

We got, left to right:
- Savory cheese sandwich
- I forgot how it was called, but it was a sugary crunchy marshmallow with chocolate!
- Chocolate-vanilla cake
- Savory quiche with salad

We split everything through half so we both could taste everything.


The cappuccino's, next to being adorable, were actually one of the better coffees I've had in Helsinki!


They also sold the smaller Moomin cookies separately, I love the way they dressed up the food!


Moominpapa cookie hidden on the cake and adorable Moomintroll powdered sugar on the plate, MY HEART.


The cute plates once we were finished with eating!

The food quality was really top-notch, everything tasted super fresh. Of course you pay 'Moomin tax' when you go to a place like this, but it actually wasn't as bad as I expected. I was expecting to pay 2x the price of a regular lunchroom, but it was rather around 1,5.

Of course there is a stroll through the souvenir shop afterwards!




I was actually a bit disappointed in the selection of the souvenir shop, there were either small trinkets or luxury items fetching high prices. I was hoping to maybe find an affordable t-shirt, but there was no t-shirt selection at all. I'm curious if the other Moomin Cafe in Helsinki has a wider selection of souvenirs. Only one way to find out, right?

The rest of this day I will put in a spoiler: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер


In the same shopping area as the Moomin Cafe was located, there was this super fancy chocolate store!


There was also a luxury toystore that had a lot of Sylvanian Families ENTRY #50769 !

Next up we had our walk to the pier area.



It feels very weird to see these pictures with lots of tourists looking at the current situation in the world.





There are many ferries that go to the different small islands around Helsinki. As we wanted to explore the port area itself we didn't to hop on a ferry, but it's still on my to-do list to check out multiple of the smaller islands. Mainly Suomenlinna (fortress island) and Kuninkaansaari (famous for wildlife).




Lots of big cruise ships! Most of them do tours in the Nordic area.




This is one of the famous ice breakers. It looks tiny on the picture, but it was as big as an apartment complex!


And now for a visit to the famous Johanneksenpuisto.




We then went to the Central Railway Station (an absolutely beautiful art deco style building), and from there on walked to one of the beach areas located more to the west.



The beach area was...actually a bit underwhelming compared to the other sights of this day. It's not bad to bring it a visit, but it wasn't really worth the long walk unless you're here for a summer day and actually want to swim.

Day 4: Finnish Museum of Natural HistoryПосмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер We had originally planned to visit another part of the city this day, but because of the bad weather we changed it to a visit to the Finnish Museum of Natural History. I'll just drop some pictures of this day:























Uh-oh! A wild Maakie! I was wearing my just recently acquired Luciana ITEM #835721 shirt!


The colors are so nice~


And the final view (and final picture) before leaving!

Day 5: Sea Life and a visit to the Northern neighborhoodПосмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер Because of, again, bad weather predictions, we decided to buy tickets for the indoor Sea Life attraction.


We actually overestimated our travel time and had almost an hour of time to kill before Sea Life opened, so we decided to check out a surrounding nature park.

Now we entered Sea Life:


Everything inside had really cute themes for all areas!




The Kraken looking at it's next victim.


These were my favorite! I never saw these before and they made such cute movements when they were eating! We saw a lot of the feeding times of different sea creatures as well.





Once outside, it was still raining a bit, but the weather was good enough to explore some more of the area. There was this very neat looking church (also a bit art deco-ish) that we decided to check out.





The end of our walk was at another port area, where we sat down to rest for a while.


I also bought on our way there a package of salmiakki, the licorice Finnish people love so much. My home country of the Netherlands also has a variant of this candy, but ours is a lot sweeter.


For dinner we went to what had become one of my husband his favorite restaurant chains: Momo Toko. We started with a sweat and sour tofu bun.


And this beautiful ramen bowl as the main course and the final dinner/memory of Helsinki. My plane back to the Netherlands would depart very early the next morning.

Day 6: Travelling back


While waiting for my flight, I of course had to check out the Moomin Shop at the airport (which had a way bigger selection of goods than the Moomin Cafe).


I got something! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Reveal in the next header!

The rest of the day: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер

My flight back was the most depressing seat I ever had. Even though my seat looked 'normal' while checking in, it turned out I had the escape door seat and there were no seats in front of me. Because of my 'escape door duty' I was not allowed to have loose items on me (!!!). I could not even be on my 3DS or phone and I had no window next to me because of the escape door... Meanwhile the person next to me was falling asleep on me the whole time. Time was going so slow...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp.


Once I landed back home I was handed this drink at the airport and while normally I always like trying out new sodas...I don't recommend this one. It was a blend of cheap energy drink and cola, but didn't have the proper taste of either.

Helsinki loot!



Very pretty bag from the Moomin Shop!



Ta-dah! This super stylish and cute shirt of Moominpapa! It's a redrawing of this original artwork:


I really love this shirt! Now that I live in Finland I can easily blend with the locals (joking of course, but a lot of people do wear Moomin clothes!).


I also went to an Asian supermarket there as I always like to try out something new~

Sweet potato snacks: They were like a sweeter version of Bugles chips and had added sesame seeds. It was nice, but they tasted a bit too oily for me to ever pick it up another time.

Umbrella cookies: I didn't really know what to expect from these, except for their look reminding me of spekkoek en.wikipedia.or... . Spekkoek is made with a lot of nice spices, so I was hoping for something nice...to eventually be disappointed as the cookies had a pretty basic flavor and were very dry.


I also bought a bunch of Finnish licorice to hand out to family and friends. Some of these were very strong/bitter!

Some small GK purchase


I got the advice from other GK builders that 'tip guides' for manicures are very good for making stencils. I bought these for the effect I was planning to make on the kimono's of ITEM #28310 and ITEM #28325 , kits I started working on shortly after this.

Another visit to Wildlands!

Jep, even though I visited already about half a year before (see BLOG #45832 ), here I am back at Wildlands! The reason for visiting was that during this time, my husband and I had decided to put our house for sale and plan our move. As Wildlands was pretty close to where we lived (and very hard to reach from basically every other part of the country) it was a good opportunity for other members of my family that still wanted to check it out! As there were some differences inbetween my visits, I thought the pictures were still worth sharing. In spoiler: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер


I decided to wear my Moominpapa shirt as I thought it was very fitting for what might be one of the last events I would be doing in the area where I lived.



It was an extremely quiet day and only later in the afternoon it started to become busier.



It was feeding time for one of my favorite animals there: the priarie dogs!




The previous time we were there, we missed out on the hippos as their area was getting renovated.


So cute~



I was able to get better shots at the tropical indoor area this time now that my new camera didn't fog up that fast.

A very big difference between this visit and my last visit is that a lot of the 'open' areas from before, such as the earlier picture of my husband chugging a drink with an emu next to him, were now more limited enclosures with a small path in the middle you were allowed to walk on. I was already surprised back then at how we were allowed to get close to so much animals unsupervised. We aren't the types in general to just try to grab or pet animals, but I can't imagine every visitor being so careful around these animals. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for these new enclosures would be related to...incidents with visitors (this is still a very new park, so I assume they are learning).




The ringed tail lemurs didn't want to come down today, but I was able to see a bit of them in the trees!


Hello, cuties!


And a sassy seal to end the day!

Hugging pillows in use

Not new purchases, but I washed and set up these two earlier acquired hugging pillows!


Both of these pillows are from Sanya, in the database here ITEM #37342 and ITEM #105989 here. I got them in this loot BLOG #45784 .

Card exchange with SPASEPEEPOLE026

I do a yearly card exchange with SPASEPEEPOLE026 and we both always manage to sneak some small gifts in as well, even though we say 'cards only', haha!


As I was in the middle of packing my house for my move to Finland I did not have time for special gift shopping, so I put some local chocolates in there. With the current state of the world, it's weird when you see yourself in the past wishing someone 'an amazing 2020'...


The card I got back from was WOAH! SPASEPEEPOLE026 is a huge fan of Minna ENTRY #2042 and he sealed the envelope with a wax seal of her personal mark!


I got some cool stuff back as well!

Three big boxes had arrived!


This was my last post office run before leaving the Netherlands, and while I regularly come there, it's rare that I have so much to pick up at the same time!

The biggest box is this loot BLOG #45922 , the other two boxes, I will talk about below!

A very special Garage Kit buy!


With what was absolutely horrible timing for me as I was getting ready to move, I was contacted by BEATRICE that he would be selling off two super rare Chrono Crusade Garage Kits. I of course couldn't say no and was keeping my fingers crossed they would actually arrive in the estimated time...luckily they did!




First up was this kit of Rosette ITEM #897279 and the funny part about it is...I actually don't know what her posing is!


This is such a rare GK that I never saw it for sale before and just had to have it. Looking at the instructions, I think her posing might be similar to ITEM #11155 .



Her face is sculpted a lot cuter than her prepainted version, though! I hope I can do this kit justice when my GK skills are better in some more years time!


The other one, Azmaria ITEM #897282 , was already painted and assembled by a professional GK painter.


She has a bit of an intense stare going on, but I'm pretty certain the painter was also limited by the sculpt quality.


This is my first Azmaria figure and I'm very excited about it!

I decided to not fully assemble her at this point as I had to pack everything fast for my move, but I will cover this figure later in one of my "Maakie's Collection" blogs!


The box and instruction sheets were also kept with this kit, they are in the same style as Rosette's, but the kits are not specifically meant to be a set together, although their scales should match.

Yearly gift exchange with PONNIE

After a succesfull secret santa exchange we had last year (see BLOG #42278 ), Ponnie and I decided to make our exchanges a yearly thing! And it would be the most fun to send eachother local delicacies.


This was the stuff I send to Ponnie! It is mostly my own favorites that can be bought around here. From top to bottom, left to right:
- Reusable tea box with local tea flavors (the print is traditional Dutch houses)
- My favorite local juice (multifruit)
- Extra minty chewing gum
- Dark chocolate flakes (to eat on bread, but also for garnishing desserts, ice cream etc.)
- Stroopwafels (syrup waffles, the best Dutch delicacy in my opinion, cookie wafers with pressed syrup inbetween them, now I get hungry for them again!)
- Chunky peanut butter (the best kind~)
- Traditional 'koetjesrepen' (alo gifted to SPASEPEEPOLE026 above!)
- Disco's cookies (chocolate with M&M's & caramel, so good!)
- Sun Moon Stars herbed chips
- Coated peanuts
- Spicy peanuts
- 'Kruidnoten', traditional Sinterklaas (Dutch variant of Christmas) cookies (you can compare them the most to gingerbread cookies, but with a lot more different herbs in there!)


I packed it all up as gifts and then in bubblewrap, as some things were in glass jars and others were easy to explode because of the air inside the packaging (I'm happy to report everything arrived undamaged at Ponnie!). I also attached a card (I know she likes cats!) and instructions/explanation sheet.

I *thought* I had a pretty impressive selection and nice additional sheet, but Ponnie definitely stepped her game up even more (and for sure broke our budget even more)!



Ponnie send me this box full of snacks with the instructions/explanations both in printed and digital format!!

As this part is going to be pretty long and basically a blog within a blog, I have put it in spoiler: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер


Unfortunately one item had passed away during shipment, there was a jar of fresh honey and it was nothing but glass shards and the bubble wrap holding the honey (mostly) in there. I had to clean up some of the packages in the box before unboxing further.

Too bad that I couldn't try the honey, but it's on the other hand nice that from such a big package, only one item ended up broken!


Baikal soda drink, the story behind it was very similar to Kofola www.kofola.cz/i... I've had when visiting Czechia. It actually has a similar taste as well! I would say Cofola and Baikal are more similar to eachother than Coca-Cola.

Anyway, I liked it! I like sodas in general and always love to try out new ones~ This one is a bit like a more spicy and less fizzy cola.



Kissel powders you mix to become a drink. I was shocked at how bright the colors of these drinks were! I also like them more hot than cold. They were nice for the first couple of sips, but I got tired of it halfway through a cup. Later I realized that these are probably pretty heavy in calories, so that might be it!

It was interesting to try out, but they're not really for me.


Alyonka chocolate bar, I had this one before as Ponnie also gifted it to me with the previous secret santa. The chocolate has a good crunch!


Vdokhnoveniye chocolate bar. This was a nice chocolate bar as well. Dark chocolate with pieces of hazelnut, bite sized.


Batonchiki mini bars. They have a bit of a gritty texture, which I did not expect at first, but they were very good! The taste is a bit like peanut butter with hazelnut. I love basically every kind of nuts, so I had to put them away so I wouldn't eat the whole bag!

Accidentally switched the text in the picture with the one below.

Zolotoy Klyuchik toffee candy, they are incredibly hard caramel candies. They were a bit less sweet than I expected, but very nice!

Accidentally switched the text in the picture with the one above.

Mishka Kosolapiy choco wafers. I've also had these before from Ponnie and they are like dark chocolate KitKat with a nutty flavor, they're great!


Fruity energy bars, in 4 different flavors:
Red berry/raspberry = This one was more like cereal than I expected. It was similar to an item from my home country called 'ontbijtkoek' (literally: "breakfast cookie", but it's more like a cake: www.vandergrijn... )
Blueberry = Similar to the red berry one, very fruity and chewy! I felt very full after eating it, so I think high in calories as well.
Orange-apple = It had a very raw orange taste, I did not taste much apple. Very fruity!
Pear-apple = Similar to above one.

Personally I liked the top 2 that were more like cereal, but the bottom 2 that were heavy in dried fruit were nice as well!



Panda chocolate candy, they were small sugar-coated milk chocolates. Very cute!


I expected this to be some kind of bar, so I was surprised to find one piece inside. When I looked at the texture it seemed super grainy, like some sort of cornflake-paste. When I started eating it, I was very happy that it was actually tasting a lot better than it looked! It was like crunchy peanut butter with some other nuts/seeds mixed in, sunflower being the highest in taste. Russia absolutely loves their sunflower seeds (and I'm not complaining)!


Sunflower Gozinaki, it was very nice! Similar to the 'sesamrepen' (sesame bars thumbs.dreamsti... ) from my home country, but I actually liked these more as I prefer sunflower seeds over sesame seeds!


Love is.., they were nice and flavorful orange candies. The candy itself dissolves quickly in your mouth!


Chechil, or string cheese. It was very nice as well, similar to Cheestrings cheestrings.net... , I have absolutely no clue how well known these are around the world.


Smoked chechil. This one has an 'hard' outer cover with extra smokey flavor. It's nice as well, but I prefer the basic one personally.


Grechka or buckwheat - porridge groats, these needed some actual cooking! I didn't know what to expect here and it's still hard to describe what it exactly is, but it tastes very nice! I cooked 2 bags as a side with another dish for my family and I plan on using the other 3 bags for a more extensive stew for another time (these bags can last for years!).


Salty roasted sunflower seeds - with shell. What caught me off-guard when I opened it was that the seeds were completely black in color, as I am used to them being a black-white mixture from the ones I have been eating all my life: www.gerbilshopq... . I am not sure if they grow with this color in Siberia or that is it has to do with the way they have been roasted?

The ones I am used to have a very though outer shell and to open them, you have to bite/crack a corner and peel the rest off. When I opened this bag I did the same, completely destroying the first seed I grabbed. Apparently these come with a very thin shell than can be easily opened with a slight crack by hand, oops! I actually don't know if these or the ones from my home country are the 'weird' ones, how are sunflower seeds in other countries?


Salty roasted sunflower seeds - without shells. Very nice! Same flavor as I am used to from my own supermarkets~


Flavoured sukhareeki, or rusks. I have similar snacks in my home country, but they can be a bit dry, so I was curious to these!
Spicy cheese = Love the spicyness! My favorite of the rusks I got.
Tomato and basil = Very nice, like eating bread that has been dipped into tomato soup!
Light cheese = smallest rusk I've ever seen, super cute! The taste however is a bit artificial and reminds me of the 'healthy' cheese flavor that also gets used on some snacks around here.

These were very neat and with their smaller size a lot less dry than the ones I am used to!


Roasted peanuts in the shell. I am very nostalgic about these as well! They would be our go-to snack for Summer when my family would go out for a park picnic! The taste exactly the same as home! <3


A small round cat gashapon! I think I saw these before on the internet, but can't find any details about them right now.


The 'berry special' turned out to be nalivka, an alcoholic drink! It was very nice and fruity. I mixed it with sparkling water for a long drink for the weekend~

It was very nice to do this exchange with Ponnie! It would be nice to do it again this year, but I'm not sure how plausible it is as with the current Covid-situation as my local mail offices aren't accepting all packages. A package with food being stuck for weeks/months isn't good... Let's see in a couple more months what the situation is. I hope I will be able to spoil Ponnie even more than she spoiled me here!

Last pictures/happenings of my place in the Netherlands

At this moment of writing I had quit my job in the Netherlands and was fulltime packing up the house and deciding what to trash/donate of what I own. The biggest downside for me was because of the now rushed emigration coming up, that I didn't have the time to properly sell things and I had to give and throw away so much. Here are a few random thoughts and pictures, as it's only a bit hobby related, it's in spoiler: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер


This is only a small selection of the many many many bags of crafts materials I have given away. I decided to only move a few closed packages and my actual tools with me. The local community center was very happy with all of it for their crafts sessions.


Not giving away, but I inventarized all the loose gifts I still had lying around my house and made sure to meet up or ship it to the person it was intended for. A lot of them were packaged in wrapping paper and shipped off with a note saying 'please wait until your next birthday before opening it'! Haha!


I earlier talked about my loyal FutureMax MayFlash dance pad partially breaking down in BLOG #42230 . I ended up buying a new dance pad, which is a nice one, but nowhere near the quality of the FutureMax. That is why I stubbornly hold onto the FutureMax, hoping to be able to fix it at one point.

Well, now with me rushing everything to get my house empty, I needed to get rid of it fast. I put a listing online for free pick up and ducked away from my e-mail expecting to get bombarded. By pure coincidence the person that ended up picking it up turned out to be someone we had met before. It was a retro game collector that upholds a retro game exhibition in the national media museum. He is going to fix it up so it can either be displayed or used in the exhibition. Pretty cool! I'm happy that this FutureMax is not going to catch dust in someone's basement or attic and probably a lot of people will see this amazing piece of game history! Although I will always be a bit sad for not owning it anymore myself.


My husband and I had hold onto most of our older desktops and laptops. If you have the storage space for it, it's easy to keep them because it feels wasteful to throw away working computers and personally I'm never comfortable selling old computers/laptops because I'm afraid people can still retrieve information from it.

I ended up booting all of them up, either reinstalling Windows or frying them, and the usable parts that were left were also donated to the community center. This may not seem that special, but my husband and I really love computers and have always been very caring for the ones we had (most we have build ourselves as well). So this was more emotional hurt than financial hurt.

When it comes to financial hurt...having to give away uncountable amounts of gardening tools for free was the worst... *sigh* Especially because most of the receivers didn't seem thankful.


One of the last pictures I made while still living there. We lived in a place surrounded by forests and regularly would have cute 'visitors'!


The birds that live around my new area are very different (but also very cute!), so this picture feels very nostalgic.


And last but not least, the neverending plastic boxes of all my figures I was packing up.

Secret Santa Gift 2019

My Secret Santa Gift from 2019 had arrived! My Santa was CYBORG_CATGIRL (back then username Ctan_Overlord).



I never got a package from Ireland, so I thought this was super cool!




Uh-oh! I left the note with my Secret Santa wishlist that I would like to get more Tanya items!


?!?!?! Is that her Nendoroid?!

But I tried to stay calm and look at everything one by one~


Groove Garage keychain ITEM #915206 , so cute!


Good Smile Company coaster/keychain ITEM #564716 , so creepy!


Keychain ITEM #915207 with the main art from the movie, I love this artwork!


Oh! My first acrylic stand ITEM #915208 ! I've been interested in this kind of item for a while, but never picked one up.


Also a cute strap ITEM #915209 from Isekai Quartet!


Some fanart buttons. I don't know who the artist is. Crazy Tanya (middle left) is great!


Some fanart stickers and keychain, also artists unknown.


The Red Riding Hood keychain has a cool gloss effect!


Tanya keychain by yumedarling www.etsy.com/sh... .


Another Tanya fanart-keychain, unknown artist.


I also mentioned my list of favorite games and was happy to get this Bioshock patch as I almost bought it myself a while ago!


These Silent Hill 2 stickers had been on my wishlist for a while, so they were a happy surprise as well (I didn't specifically request or mention these)! Made by anoukbd www.etsy.com/sh... .



I was super impressed that they have found a Chrono Crusade item! Looks like a fanmade item as well, I am unable to find the artist online.


There was also a very special chocolate package included!



All of them were so good! My favorites were the pink salted caramel and latte. <3


And the final and biggest item that got spoiled at the beginning, the Tanya Nendoroid ITEM #549364 ! I kept her sealed as I needed to put her in a moving box to my next place.


Here is the whole loot together! CYBORG_CATGIRL , you spoiled me so much! Thank you 1000x again!!!


Visit to Preston Palace

Before our full emigration to Finland, my husband came back to the Netherlands so we could celebrate Christmas early and he could help me with selecting some items from our house to keep/get rid off.

We also last-minute booked a mini vacation for ourselves to Preston Palace, which was recommended to me by coworkers multiple times. Preston Palace calls themselves an 'all inclusive hotel', but the easiest way to describe it in my opinion: all the conveniences and activities that would be on a luxury cruise ship, but now on a permanent spot. Everything in spoiler as it's off-topic: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерTo give an idea of how big this place is, here is the map:


It has everything from a big indoor swimming pool, to a small attraction park/fair, multiple restaurants and bars, indoor minigolf, pool, bowling and I can go on and on. It was quite overwhelming, just like the price to stay at this place! I think it never hurt as much to book such a short vacation, but let me tell you that it was worth it!


Everything inside was very clean and luxurious.


There were many themed displays, such as this old railroad station.


The way to the indoor mini attraction park/fair!


Bowling with coalmining theme!




Indoor minigolf was farm-themed.


I have never played pool/billiards on such a pretty table before, I'm always used to pieces of the mat missing/damaged, haha!


A lot of the food and snacks that got handed out were also branded. Even though these guys charge top price, it definitely feels worth it!



The indoor attraction park/fair has multiple classic rides and a big amount of gambling/play machines. As always I tried to hold off, but eventually gave in to the coin pushers...

Preston Palace was an amazing time out and if we were to go again, we would probably buy a longer package (there are different prices for set entry/exit times) as we would love to have enjoyed the swimming pool a bit longer.

As we couldn't hold ourselves back playing the coin pushers at the indoor fair, we ended up with a couple of prizes which were by fun coincidence database related:





ITEM #916502
ITEM #916503
ITEM #916504
ITEM #916505

I used to watch Bakugan on TV for a short while during it's airing here, and thought it was enjoyable but never got hugely into it. I did always love Spectra's i.pinimg.com/or... design! He always looks like he walked just off the stage of a visual kei concert!

These glasses are a super nice size and nowadays my favorite soda glasses, although the quality of the print isn't the greatest.



We also got these two random keychains as I had some leftover prize points.

Gorillaz G-Shock Watch

You might remember from earlier loot blogs of mine that I am a huge Gorillaz fan and buy a lot of their merchandise (I'm currently very excited for their new album which I have on pre-order!).

For Christmas this year I was incredibly surprised by my parents as they bought a Gorillaz item that was something I was eyeing, but not something I ever thought of droping the money on myself. I also never mentioned to them that I wanted it!


In the Gorillaz x G-SHOCK line, there were multiple watches available and they also picked my favorite! The one based on the 1st album style, more specifically the print on the 'Geep' (the jeep they used to drive in).



It feels so luxurious right after opening the box!!




The actual item box is so cool as well!






It's so beautiful!!!


It has a built-in light!


The watch comes with two straps: The classic Geep look and the same look in a more neutral color. As I like how heavy of a Gorillaz reference the watch is, I went for the standard Geep look, but the neutral look is nice as well.



The strap is comfortable, but I have to get used to the big watch piece itself!

It's so cool, this instantly became my favorite piece of jewellery!


Baccano! print is now framed


You might remember from an earlier loot blog that I picked up a beautiful Baccano! print. I finally got to framing it! My new place will be the first one where I will hang this piece actually on the wall.

Gorillaz: Reject False Icons documentary


An unexpected evening out! Gorillaz announced less than a month before it would take place that they would be having an 'one evening only' worlwide screening of their newest documentary "Reject False Icons".

I'm normally used to my country getting skipped for these kinds of events, but they really went all out with including many countries and even multiple cities available in my own! As the rest is quite off-topic for this blog, I've put it in spoiler: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерI met up with my dad in the city we decided to watch the movie in. We on purpose came earlier as we hadn't seen eachother in a while. We had planned ~3 hours for meetup and drinks, but unfortunately because of trains getting delayed (as always), we ended up with a bit more than an hour left before it started.


As I had been working a formal job for a long time I was very excited to put on some fun clothes again! Here I am wearing my Umbrella Corporation Jacket ITEM #666044 and I converted my The Evil Within keychain ITEM #257908 to a necklace a while ago.


And here I am at the entrance of the viewing room in the movie theater! The documentary was pretty cool, but it was pretty different from what I expected.

The documentary started with a short part about the making of their album 'Humanz', then until about half of the run time it was backstage shots of the Humanz tour. The last half of the movie was a medley of them performing the album Humanz, shot at different cities and compiled as if it was one big concert.

So while I was expecting to sit down for a new documentary about my favorite band, it was more like watching some candid camera moments and then watching a sped-up version of their Humanz concert. It was pretty noticeable after the viewing ended that for the people that didn't go to the Humanz tour, it was a lot less interesting to watch.

I quite liked going to the movie and I definitely thought it was a special experience, but I do like their earlier documentary 'Bananaz' a lot more.

Pre-order of Fine Clover's Tanya




As I wasn't sure it would arrive on time before I moved I had my pre-order of Fine Clover's Tanya ITEM #604888 shipped to my parents' place.


She was on time, so I had to quickly find space for her in a moving box and kept her sealed. She was bigger than expected (more like an 1/6!) and looked pretty good in the box!

To be continued...

And this is where I have to cut it off as we have reached character limit! Next up, I'll continue with January 2020 until the next character limit is hit!

All pictures from this blog that are related to the database can be found in higher resolution here: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this blog!

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And as promised, for every new blog I will fix up an old one, this time:
Meiji Chocolate Apollo set and some other mini Japanese food review: BLOG #34145

See you at my next blog, which will be either a loot post or a Garage Kit blog!
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solluxcaptor9 месяцев назад#81431232Amazing loot, I really enjoyed reading through it all, the exchanges you did with other people were so interesting! I love to see those, always so full of personality and charm.

It actually makes me a bit sad, because exchanges are probably not possible at all this year. :( But I hope to do a bunch again in 2021!

And thank you!
9 месяцев назад
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Amazing loot, I really enjoyed reading through it all, the exchanges you did with other people were so interesting! I love to see those, always so full of personality and charm.
9 месяцев назад
galablue9 месяцев назад#81430064Very fun post to read, can't wait to see some of these figures unboxed!

Coming (hopefully) soon, but at least coming up! :D
9 месяцев назад
Very fun post to read, can't wait to see some of these figures unboxed!
9 месяцев назад
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