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It's time to ramble about my collection again (along with a couple of long-standing regrets); unlike the last few times, this isn't all limited to Sailor Moon.

First up, a minor update to my SM doll shelf:


The new additions are a 6" Irwin Mars (yellow box version) and 6" Bandai US Jupiter, both bought from Avaneshop months ago. I kinda jumped on them as eBay sellers usually want ridonkulous prices for even the smaller SM dolls, Irwin/Bandai or no.

And speaking of ridonkulous prices: one of these days, I hope to get enough commissions such that I can obtain an Irwin 11" Neptune without instantly wiping out. Still wish I'd gotten her from KB Toys when I had the chance...


Re-posed my SM Figuarts multiple times; this is the current setup. (I know a lot of people use Neptune's clasped hands for UraNep purposes, but it didn't look right to me unless I switched their positions.) The Reis are currently holding Saturn's and Pluto's weapons for them.


I also re-posed Crystal!Moon and moved her back to her old spot above my computer desk.

As for the real reason I'm going over these gals again:


I gained a new addition the other day in Super Sailor Moon! Ordered her from Solaris Japan; she arrived via FedEx, who didn't ring the doorbell when they dropped her off, grumble curse mutter. (Solaris Japan let me change my shipping method from "normal" to FedEx after it occurred to me that we are probably not getting taken off JapanPost's restricted list any time soon.)

She's a downright gorgeous figure, and I kinda wish that I had grabbed her sooner (like I'm now wishing with Sailor V). XD I'd waffled on her for years, but after seeing exhibit photos of Figuarts Eternal Moon, I knew I had to get Super Moon to go with her and Normal Moon.

There was just one problem, now rectified to the best of my ability: both of her elbow joints were cracked. Dammit!

A while ago I asked if anyone else had this problem with their SM Figuarts, and it's sadly a common problem due to the construction of the joints. Well, at some point I asked myself, "do I have anything that I could stuff in the cracks to try and tighten them a wee bit?" and ended up using some Fimo that I had lying around for ages. It wasn't perfect--Mercury's joints in particular still feel looser than when I got her--but I think it helped a little bit. After posing Super Moon, I did the same for her.


Another thing I've started collecting more of recently are plushes; even made a new list to keep track of which ones I have. In particular, I'd like Great Eastern's plushes of the Sailor Guardians in their civilian forms, as just about everything else I own of these characters are of them suited up; as of this writing, Ami, Michiru, and Setsuna are in my Christmas stash.

The ones I have in hand are Sailor Uranus (ordered from Galactic Toys), Sailor Star Fighter, and Luna (both from Circle Red). I initially didn't think much about getting these as I wanted more Irwin plushes, but, well...GE's offerings are, on the whole, a lot less expensive and cover more of the cast.

(Now, to hope that GE gives us Star Healer and maybe some more villains)

That posable Dragonair plush to the left was bought at the Huntsville Comic Expo this year (don't worry, masks were mandatory); one of her ear-wings got bent wrong in the bag and now sticks out, but aside from that I think she's a fine plush.

(I also got three Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures--Kimberly, Tommy, and Dragon Shield Zack--plus a Vulpix Funko Pop.)


These are the other plushes what live on my bed: Big-achu, Giant-Size Meowth, my lovely Build-a-Bear Eevee, and those old Pikachu and Clefairy beanbag plushes (not pictured: the many more beanbag pokes I have in drawers). Plus Kero and Ein (barely in shot).

That little beanbag Pikachu is actually the first Pokemon-related ANYTHING I ever received, all the way back in 1999 when we lived in Pratville. He's seen a lot over the years; alas, he's not nearly as fluffy as he used to be, and despite my best efforts to surface-wash and dust him, I think his face is straight-up discoloured. Still, he's possibly the most treasured Pokemon thing I own.

Clefairy, who I would've been given on Xmas '01 at the latest--the Pokemon collecting didn't really start until we moved here--is in comparatively better shape, and is looking even better after I took a lint roller to her several times. Giant-Sized Meowth and Kero were other childhood gifts; Ein came from The Deep all the way back when they were a tiny specialty store called "Anime Invasion", and Big-achu was found at a Goodwill years later. BaB Eevee, I bought only a year or so ago--no accessories, since I only had so much early birthday money; BaB was shuttered last time I was at the Parkway Place Mall, so who knows if/when I can get her any...


Finally, the Pokemon Battle Figure shelf; these are what Kid RADIX collected for a while, mostly by earning them one way or another. Obviously, anything past Gen II was acquired much later. It wasn't always four stories; I made two more shelves out of leftover poster board. This does make pokes at the back of the top shelf hard to see without a stepstool, but doesn't leave so much wasted space.

...and now we come to Long-Standing Regret #2: I used to own more Battle Figures than I currently do. See, I lent many to a friend in elementary school, and while some of them I got back, others I didn't--and by the time we graduated middle school, this person now apparently wanted nothing to do with me for whatever reason and got angry when I tried to remind them to return my pokes. Siiiigh.

So, just re-buy what I lost?.. To give you an idea, I recently browsed eBay for the same Starmie figurine I had and someone wanted THIRTY BUCKS for them and Staryu (who I still have)--and that wasn't accounting for shipping. I was incredibly lucky to re-find Poliwag and Poliwhirl at a Persacon ages ago, and have not had that luck since; Ron's Rescued Treasures has a few Battle Figures at reasonable prices...if you live in Canada, which I don't.

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерIf anyone has extras that they'd be willing to sell at $5/ea...the ones I miss most are Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Nidorina, Vulpix, Ninetales, Arcanine, Pinsir, Starmie, Lapras, Eevee (original), Vaporeon, and Mew. I'm also missing some Gen IIs, but these are the ones burning the biggest remorse-holes right now...

And no, I did not write this article with the sole purpose of asking about this. Please don't scrub this diary and admonish me to use the forums again, mods.


What would I like in the future, besides correcting those regrets?.. Well, it'd be nice if I could commission plushes of two particular characters I care about very much, but I'd have to make a lot more money myself, first. :U
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YarnYotsugi1 месяц назад#81110946I sadly don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say, nice collection! I am not that big into Sailor Moon, but those figures are really cool! Also oh my god, seeing that beanbag Pikachu brings back memories! I used to have the same one when I was a kid!

Thanks! ^^ And hey, that's pretty cool!
1 месяц назад
I sadly don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say, nice collection! I am not that big into Sailor Moon, but those figures are really cool! Also oh my god, seeing that beanbag Pikachu brings back memories! I used to have the same one when I was a kid!
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