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Found out during dusting that my holy grail Vampirella figure ITEM #550050 had minor...ish scratches this whole time that I didn't notice because before. I even had to recheck my original newly unboxed pictures to check if maybe I did something but no it was there from day one it was just hard to tell in the lighting from before (as well as in my filter applied pictures and also I'm apparently blind. I dunno what to do exactly? It's not a scratch where the plastic is raised? It's like something scratched across it and ...indented it/made a smoothed mark. I dunno if...sanding it down would make it worse? I don't even know if I'd trust myself to attempt it. I feel stupid for caring so much cuz I know some people aren't OCD like me but... just sucks when it was like...well you don't wanna know the cost ; _ ;

Though I suppose all of you would know the cost that some of us are willing to pay for things in this hobby. Again though, how did I not notice. But noticed CLEARLY today. Did the air affect it and make it pop wth..Was it really just lighting? Or maybe my eyes just never looked downwards? And admittedly unless I have glasses on my sight isn't ...good. But maybe it's karma for choosing this as a hobby. Something worse will probably happen one day..

That horror aside I ordered my first collectible doll ITEM #1011034.
I'd like to one day get one that's red riding hood themed, and maybe a nurse and nun one day. They're so cute.

I'm currently waiting on 2 things from bigbadtoystore that should be here "soon". My first time ordering from them. Kinda excited though I know it'll take a while. Beetlejuice Bishoujo ITEM #868300 and Ikeman Joker Varient ITEM #917294 ("Conventionally" sexy Joker seems almost like a crime but...I must)

And speaking of bishoujo I finally managed to order Chucky Bishoujo ITEM #393941
I dunno why I didn't pursue her before? Maybe cuz Tiffany was my actual fav fav. But it's cool cuz it'd be a set now.

Besides them, Hatoba Tsugu ITEM #872741 should be coming out soon and Sachiko ITEM #888450. ITEM #937563 this baby got delayed in a shipping but he'll come soon.

(Also never really updated blog wise about my Tharja situation but I did eventually get another Tharja figure. Only problem is her cape doesn't fully and flatly rest down on the base and sticks up partially. Just unlocky mold or whatever. )

Week sucks so far but I guess it'll get better. Hope you're all fairing better
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Oh my god, that Joker is fine as heck.

I know how it feels to notice a new blemish on a figure. It sucks so bad. It definitely adds character though. Think of each mark as telling a story. It's unfortunate, but I mean, if it has to be there, may as well see the positives in it.
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I enjoyed reading this rambling blog :) You have a lovely collection and we're both fans of Koujirou Frau <3
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Oh wow, how in the world did I miss the fact that ITEM #937563 was made? Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Having a Nendo Alex would be gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh.
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I also ordered the Ikemen Joker ITEM #917294 but from another website (that I haven't ordered before).
I heard that BBTS is good, so I wouldn't worry. I always feel nervous ordering from sites I don't know but 'risk it for the biscuit' lol.
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HassySoda Autumn girl
WhoBeDaPlaya1 месяц назад#80851637BBTS has been good for me, though I haven't purchased that many items from them.

They're been really polite whenever I ask them stuff. Everyone says they cool just their prices are a hit or miss and also wait times. But I feel like I can work with that
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BBTS has been good for me, though I haven't purchased that many items from them.
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