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Heartlessxox1Heartlessxox12 месяца назад
Another company have decided to do an online figure festival!!

KD Colle announced on their twitter earlier today of a virtual figure festival on the 22nd of July, further details will be announced later but for now we have a date in the calendar!!

New figure announcements have been confirmed as well as sales of figures with alternative colour variations, hope everyone enjoys!

The event is from the 22nd of July (Wednesday) to the 26th of July (Sunday)
The website is yet to be announced but has been confirmed

2nd Edit:
Here is the website the VR festival will be hosted on - store.kadokawa....
The event will run from the 22nd of July (Wednesday) from 11AM in Japan (3AM BST) to the 26th of July (Sunday) 23:59 (15:59 BST)
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Hoping to see the prototype of the 1/2.5 scale kurumi! (But let’s hope it won’t be open for pre orders until the end of this year)
2 месяца назад
Chibi-Jibs2 месяца назад#80437439Hopefully this one is less of a disappointment than good smiles.

Thankfully they confirmed specifically that they are announcing new figures, prototypes and coloured prototypes and are announcing it throughout a couple of days
I believe from the 22nd of July (Wednesday) to the 26th of July (Sunday)
2 месяца назад
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Hopefully this one is less of a disappointment than good smiles.
2 месяца назад
Thanks for the info. I hope they show (at least) a prototype of ITEM #945951.
2 месяца назад
I hope they reveal the 1/2.5 Kurumi over there albeit at a reasonable price. Probably at best an unpainted prototype: ITEM #904999. Excited because they are one of those puts out pretty good stuff for okay price presently and not get obsessed on decorating their base.
2 месяца назад
That is good to hear that they're also hosting a figure festival online. There are a few figures of them that I'd like to see a prototype of or painted. Hopefully, the other companies that haven't done that will do it too.
2 месяца назад
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